3 Best Challenges To Do With Friends 2017 At Sleep Over

Challenges to do with Friends 2017: Well most of you might like to spend a lot of time with friends and believe me even I love to spend time with my best friends. But sometimes you might just get bored talking the old stuff, but this time you can do more than just talking and do something creative by doing challenges with friends.

Well you might have heard some of your friends having challenges to do with your friends at a sleepover or during the day time. To be frank the time doesn’t matter, what matter is that you are along with a group of best friends who can tolerate the worst part of yourself when these challenges are in action.

3 Best Challenges To Do With Friends 2017 At Sleep Over

Best Challenges To Do With Best Friends 2017

So I thought it would be fun to list some challenges to do with friends with food and drinks that you can do at sleep over as well. All you need to do is just start reading the list of different challenges to do with best friends at parties and camping site.

Well I myself went along with my friends for camping and it was kind of funny and at the same time doing these challenges made my time real good. All I could do was enjoy with my friends who were taking part in the game and challenges along with me. It doesn’t matter whether you look stupid or cool, but having a good time is what matters the most of all. So, are you ready to learn about some of the amazing and fun challenges to do with friends? Then start reading them below:

Best Fun Challenges To Do With Friends 2017 – At Sleep Over, Camping and Parties

Now let us get straight into the list of these amazing challenges you can do with friends at different occasions. I will be naming the 3 challenges below along with some detailed information which will help you understand the game more.

  • Gallon Milk Challenge

This challenge has the best one to circle around the web and YouTube, and believe millions have tried this Milk Gallon challenge with friends. Now this game is pretty simple and it requires at least 2 persons at minimum.

In this challenge, both the players have to drink a gallon of milk and the first one to throw out is the looser. While the one who remains still while the second person’s throws up is the winner. Simple game but yet it takes lots of guts and its healthy too.

Gallon Milk Challenge
  • Ice Bucket Challenge

Well we have seen Ice Bucket Challenge being performed by millions of people across the globe along with popular celebrities trying out it as well. The challenge is simple where you have to sit down and throw a bucket full of ice and water on yourself.

Once done you can donate to charity and nominate some other friends to take up on the challenge.  This might not be the easiest challenges to do with friends but it takes guts and at the end we help charity grow as well.

Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Water in the Mouth Challenge

I guess you might have this challenge it over the web, even if you haven’t seen it let me explain how it is done. In this game two friends sit in front of each other with their mouths filled with water. Next both the friends have to watch funny clips and videos, the one who laughs is the looser but the winner takes the water strike as well. This game might not be a win or loss for any of the player but it seems funny and it’s not risky too.

Water in the Mouth Challenge


We have now the best and funniest challenges to do with friends ideas and right now it’s time for you to call your friends over and start a sleep over. Or at least a get together where you and your best friends can do different challenges together.

These games I have listed above are surely the best and funniest challenges to do with friends 2017, this year and you will have some good time trying these out. Also let us know if you know few more good games and we would add them on to our list as well.

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