Download BHIM App For Android OS 2017

BHIM App Download: After the game of demonetization in India, the government of India has launched BHIM App for Android and IOS platforms. We can call it as one of the best UP app, and it is simple with more of an eloquent interface that every can make use of. The best part about this app is we can make payments to one another easily and it is secure as well.

We have seen numerous UPI app released by different banks, but BHIM is considered to be the best out of all. Do you want to go cashless in India? Then BHIM App is for you because it features you a simple and secure payment gateway. Being light weight design the app loads faster and transactions can be made much simple.

Now you might be wondering does it support all banks across India. Well it has quite a rage of banks under its hood, and mostly the list is quite large which surely would include your bank in it. Now if you want to register, you can add your bank account and set up a UPI PIN for the current bank account added. So from now your phone will be your payment address and can be exchanged to receive payments. India is developing and I am sure we as Indians will use online payments to make our transactions more secure and beneficial as well.

Download BHIM App For Android OS 2017

BHIM App Features and How It Can Be Used

You still might have few questions regarding the effective use of this app, so let us get into the app features. So simply adding a bank is the main task, but there are loads of new features that help a user pay to other in easy terms.

BHIM App Features
  • BHIM app can be downloaded for free of cost, for Android and IOS
  • List of many bank accounts across India that we can add to our account
  • Send and receive payments through phone number which is your payment address
  • You can check your balance details and transaction made with few clicks
  • The app features a classic interface which has visible navigation,

How To Download BHIM Apk For Android OS

BHIM App by Indian government has become widely recognized and people across India are finding ways to download and install BHIM App on their Android devices. Well downloading is easy but there is a little registration and verification process required to be finished once download is done. So, in the below steps we will be reviewing how easy it can be in order to download BHIM app for Android and later register it as well.

Download BHIM Apk For Android OS
  • Go to Google Play store and then search for “BHIM” app
  • After that click on the install app will download and later install the app
  • Open the app once you have installed it, this will take you to registration page
  • Now enter the phone number and get the verification code
  • The app will authenticate the phone number and verification code
  • After that you will be asked to verify the pass code
  • Next you have to select your bank name and enter bank account details

And this is how you can simply connect your phone number and register for BHIM service in India.


Now go cashless in India with BHIM App for your Android and IOS platform, by just following the above guide. Simply start using the BHIM Apk for Android which lets you pay to friends, family and anyone within no time.

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