Download FlekStore For iOS 10.3 10.2.1 iPhone/iPad 2017

FlekStore For IOS 10.2.1: Finding tweaked apps on IOS platform is quite hard, but with the help of FlekStore we can find tons of new apps and tweaks. Big jailbreak like Taig, PP and Pangu are in the race to release their jailbreak as soon as possible. But we don’t have to wait for some jailbreak to be released, because this app stores gives you ultimate access to numerous apps and games. If you consider Android platform, we can find tons of new games, apps or tweak bundle anytime sooner. But it’s not the same with IOS platform, because finding tweaked and mod versions of different apps is hard. But this not the case anymore because we have FlekStore for IOS platform which is an ultimate app stores for iPhone and iPad devices.

FelkStore is an app installer that is packed with tons of new games, apps where we can download any app for free of cost. It offers you tons of new free apps, UDID apps, tweak and Cydia repos that are not released yet for free. Recently the FlekStore V3.0 app has been release, with this new update tons of new apps and games have been added which is sure a good thing. The good part about this app store is that it has a completely different UI design, but it is simple which makes user navigation really simple.

The app loads really quickly that helps users to select between different apps they like and install anytime they like. Another feature is that this app can run even on low internet connection which helps to load and browse even on the little internet connection. At the end of the day we can find even the paid, free apps and the updated one in a single spot where we can install them quickly. So, this gives users a better opportunity to find their favorite apps for free and installing is quick which a good benefit is.

Download FlekStore For iOS 10.3 10.2.1 iPhone/iPad 2017

What is Flekstore Cydia source – Flek Store Repos guide

So before we continue on to the download process let us have a recap of all the features and how effective this tool can be. In simple terms this is an app installer where we can find apps, games tweaks, Cydia repos and many more for free of cost. The reason why I suggest you to have this app installed is because we can install it even on non jailbreak devices. It means that this app does not require jailbreak devices, so all non jailbreak users can have this app installed.

FelkStore for IOS 10.2.1 10.3 Without Jailbreak – Install FlekStore 3.0 for iPhone/iPad 2017

If you want to download an app on iPhone you can probably go with iTunes, but if you are searching for the mod version of the app. Then you might need to download FelkStore app, so I thought it would be perfect to show the FlekStore 3.0 download process below:

Download FlekStore For iOS
  • You have to open the FlekStore official download webpage from here
  • Now we need to click on “Install” button to continue
  • Then you have to click on install button again and tap on “Install Now” popup windows
  • The app will now start to install and might be done in a minute
  • Finally we have now installed the app installer on our iPhone device!

Download FlekStore for Android – Flekstore Android Apk download 2017

After gaining huge popularity as one of the best app stores on IOS platform, some users are wondering that whether this app has been released for Android. But as a matter of fact the FlekStore Android version is not yet released and no future updates are given as well. We can assume that this app store is only for IOS platform, but for Android we can have to  look for some FlekStore alternative.


FlekStore app installer for IOS platform is a real simple app store that comes with tons of new, old apps with their mod versions available for free to install. Following the above guide you will be able to download the FlekStore 3.0 version on your iPhone and iPad device.

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