Download Haimawan For iOS 10.2.1 Without Jailbreak

Haimawan For IOS 10.2.1: In this modern day we all have Smartphone and devices from Apple such as iPhone and iPad. At the same time we also have app store from Apple where IOS users can download and find apps they like. But at times downloading some games or apps you like comes at a cost while some people want to get rid of such problem. In this guide we are going to discuss about Haimawan app store that is considered as an underdog when it comes to app installer. But the fact is that this app is really impressive when it comes to finding apps that are costly, where as we can get them for free on this app store. I will be going to show you how to download Haimawan app stores for IOS platform, without jailbreak.

His app stores offer you feature to customize and find apps that are related to your genre that helps you get apps you like. We can sort the app store through genre, category which will help you to find games or apps related to single category. The only drawback we can find is that this app store is in Chinese but the language can be changed through menu after the installation is completed.

Download Haimawan For iOS 10.2.1 Without Jailbreak

 Haimawan App Store Features

There are nearly dozens of app stores out there online but finding the best one is quite hard and most of them offer the same features which makes the decision difficult. But the best option would be to use these app stores one by one, which can help you select the best one and today I will be pointing out some of the Haimawan features.

  • You do not have to jailbreak your device to install this app store
  • It has a very simple user interface that has better navigation
  • It comes with big icon which helps to browse quickly and easily
  • Simple, just select any app and click on install to continue
  • And the best part is the app is free to download

Download Haimawan For IOS 10.2.1 without jailbreak – Install Haimawan for iPhone/iPad without jailbreak 2017

Haimawan app installer comes with great features and at the same time it offers wide range of apps, games that we can download. As we already said this app stores has been released for IOS platform and can be downloaded by following the below procedure.

Download Haimawan For iOS
  • First you will have to open your iPhone device and then safari browser
  • Then through the safari browser you have to open this link
  • Now continue loading the webpage and then go to the orange button
  • The orange button is the download button with “Install” written in Chinese
  • Next click on the button and a popup will appear, where we have to click “Install” option
  • Again a new popup prompt will show up, then click install again and the installation will begin now
  • Finally the Haimawan app will be installed and the app will show in menu!

Can I download Haimawan For Android – Haimawan Apk for Android OS 2017

Haimawan seems to be an excellent app stores but this has not been released for Android platform. So, if you are wondering that is there any option to download Haimawan app for Android, then as a fact there is no way to download it. But I would say you can look up to download any other app stores alternative to Haimawan apk for Android.


Most people who own an IOS device jailbreak to utilize apps stores which allow you to download apps and games for free. But Haimawan is a classic app stores for IOS platform that can be installed without jailbreak.

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