Download Handyprint For MAC OX, iPhone/iPad iOS

Handyprint: We all know that printing directly from MAC desktop to printer is simple and everyone around knows how to do it. But do you know about the app, Handyprint which helps MAC users to print from iPhone and iPad devices directly. Well you might be wondering how this app works, so let me tell this in order for this app to work we have to connect it via Bluetooth.

Handyprint App asks permission from the iPhone users to connect them directly to your MAC via Bluetooth. Similarly we have to download and install Handyprint app for MAC OS X and on your iPhone or iPad devices as well. This tool helps a lot of office users who use Mac for their daily use in order to print and scan documents easily.

The latest version released by the developers of Handyprint, has made it available on IOS 10 and even on the latest MAC OS as well. Simply all we have to do is just download the Handyprintinstaller for MAC and then install it directly. Once installed you can click on the update button which will make sure it is updated to the latest version.

Download Handyprint For MAC OX, iPhone/iPad iOS

Is Airprint Activator Different From Handyprint

Well this question is asked by many people and let me answer that Airprint Activator has now been renamed to Handyprint. So the basic thing the app does it let iPhone users print by connecting them to the MAC using the Bluetooth.

 How to Download Handyprint For MAC OS and iPhone, iPad and IOS

Coming to the main part where we find out how to download Handyprint For MAC OS and also for iPhone devices. So, I will be linking the download links for MAC and IOS below, all you have to do is download it like all apps.

Handyprint For MAC

Now comes the first phase, where we will learn to download this app for MAC desktop platform.

  • First we have to visit this webpage in order to download Handyprint For MAC
  • And after that click on the “Download” button
  • Now the app will be saved, click on the downloaded app and it will begin to install
  • The installation will be done in a bit of time!

Handyprint For IOS

  • Now we have to open our iPhone device and visit this webpage
  • Next click on Download button which will ask to confirm to download
  • Click on confirm and the app will download and install automatically
  • Once done, we can find Handyprint installed successfully!

So this is how you can download and install the Handyprint app for IOS devices like iPad and iPhone as well. Now comes the important part just launch the app on both the devices, one is MAC and other is your iPhone or iPad device.

After that launch the app on your iPhone device, connect the iPhone to MAC via Bluetooth first. Next select the printer you want to print with and start printing the images, pictures and documents you want to print.


Now you can learn how to use Handyprint for MAC, iPhone, iPad IOS devices to print directly. I know this might be the first time you are using this app, but Handyprint is really easy to use and can deliver effectively.

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