Download HWiNFO For Windows 10/7/8 32 64 Bit

HWiNFO Download: There are some tools that help to configure your system information and health as well. HWiNFO is hardware and diagnostic information which gives complete information about your computer or desktop. This tool is used in order to get a complete look over the computer specifications according to hardware and software components wise. This in short gives you full hardware information of your desktop in different tables, graphs and gadgets. Once the report is completely sorted you can save them in different file formats such as CSV, XML, HTML.

So the reason why we would require this tool is that sometimes we might want to update our system drivers. Once you have reviewed the hardware and software report you can then look into when driver needs to be updated. Since the driver version for different software and hardware components are tabled down in a list with version. Once you find the outdated driver you can now go on to update the particular driver from control panel.

Another question some users have been asking is why we have to use this diagnostic tool rather than using the Windows official tool. Well most of the other tool is not capable of providing real time system monitoring reports such as system logging and more. Other than this the HWiNFO tool is really easy to use, it is made up of simple design which users can understand quickly.

Download HWiNFO For Windows 10/7/8 32 64 Bit

HWiNFO Review 2017

HWiNFO for Windows is really a good tool to find data regarding your desktop computer comprehension and more. Using this software we will be able to get reports on computer resource usages on RAM, CPU and memory speed as well. After reviewing this second report on computer resources, you can look into ways of minimizing the data. The only downgrade is that this software does not have any benchmark tool. This tool HWiNFO has frequent updates which ensure that all previous bugs and issues are fixed timely.

Once you have installed HWiNFO software you will be able to get different reports on computer hardware and software resource usage precisely. Using these reports you can either update any driver or remove unwanted drivers that may have been using more resources.

Download HWiNFO For Windows 10/7/8 32 64 Bit 2017

So now you have an idea on how HWiNFO software works in order help you boost your computer performance at the last. If you are looking forward to using this software then you might want to look into the below download process.

  • HWiNFO can be downloaded for Windows from here
  • Open the above download page and select your bit version
  • Then click on the Download button and save the exe file
  • Run the HWiNFO exe file, select installation directory and wait for program to be installed
  • Finally we have installed the HWiNFO software on your Windows desktop!


Finally install the HWiNFO for Windows depending on your Bit version and start scanning your desktop for comprehensive configuration. Once the scan is completed you will be able to see all hardware and software details up to date which can help you improve your computer performance indeed.

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