Download Justalk Apk For Android, iOS 2017

Justalk App Review 2017: Today we are going to discuss about another enjoyable video calling app by the name Justalk. Well they have also got the Justalk plus app which can be bought for around $5.99, but I prefer the free version over the plus any time. This is a simple video calling app which is cool to use, we can draw on the screen, record and share our moments with our friends and family.

Most of the video calling apps these days are simple providing video call service which is the core part but none of them have a recording feature. But Justalk app comes with a recording option that helps you to record your favorite memories and moments all together with just a touch on the screen.

Download Justalk Apk For Android, iOS 2017

Justalk app features 2017

This app has got some amazing features that most of the other apps do not offer and we are going to know about all these features now. And at the same time none of the video calling apps provide doodling option, which is an option to draw and write on the video call screen right away. And Justalk scored a point in this category as well, because it comes with option to drawn and share your moments with friends. You can select the paint brush icon and below it we can find the color option to select between the ranges of colors easily.

It also has night vision option which is useful while video calling during night times, so that users can tune to this feature and video chat in a better focus. Image share option is optional which means we can select to share our camera view image on the screen corner.

Download Justalk Apk for Android OS 2017 – Best video calling app

There are tons of video calling apps online but what’s so different about Justalk is that this one is purely simple to utilize. And this feature alone is the reason why millions of users have already started using this app and I guess it’s time you do the same. So Justalk app has been officially released for iPhone, iPad and Android OS as well. We can actually download this app right off from the Google play store for free of cost without any problem.

Download Justalk Apk For Android
  • So the first thing would be to open Google play app from your Android phone
  • Now go to the search bar on the top and types “Justalk”, then click enter
  • Next click on install button and then wait as it gets downloaded first
  • Once the download is finished, then installation will automatically begin
  • Finally you have now installed Justalk app on your Android OS!

Installing process for this app is merely different from the way you install any other Android app, but make sure you select the official app on the search page.

How to download Justalk App for IOS iPhone and iPad 2017

IOS devices such as iPhone and iPad are known for their awesome camera capture which allows their users to video call in HD. But at the same time you need to have the app which lets you video call with friends on cross platforms in HD as well. And this is where Justalk app comes into play because it allows video calling up to 720p and can be downloaded for iPhone and iPad devices from here.


I enjoy video calling my friend most part of my day, though I even voice call them but video chatting is really enjoyable as a matter of fact. And now you can too enjoy video chat with your friends and family using Justalk app on your Android and IOS device.

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