Download PlayStation Remote Play Apk For Android OS 2017

PlayStation Remote Play Apk: Do you own a PlayStation 4 and as well a Sony Smartphone or Tablet, then you might find this article interesting. Well PlayStation is a gaming console by Sony and it can be used via a Controller. We all know the PS4 controllers by the name Dual Shock which is a classic controller and can be used to play games stream and do more. But Sony has recently released PlayStation Remote Play which is an app that allows Sony Smartphone and Tablet users to resume and play their PS4 games on Mobile. Well this might seem to be over the head for some people like me at first, but in simple terms we can play PS4 games on our Sony Smartphone by connecting the Dual Shock controller to the Smartphone.

I guess you’ve understood that this PS4 Remote Play is an app which can be downloaded for free on any Sony Tablet or Smartphone. Once you have installed the app, you will be asked to login with your PlayStation account. Then you can play all the PS4 games on your Android device by simply connecting the Dual Shock controller in to the headphone jack.

Download PlayStation Remote Play Apk For Android OS 2017

How to use PlayStation Remote Play Apk On Android

I don’t really think Xbox has created something like this app, which allows its users to play console games remotely on their Android devices. Sony has made PlayStation Remote Play possible and with this PS4 fans can cruise their gaming adventure anywhere without any problem. But in order to continue playing the games, you will still need to be connected to Wi-Fi or Data is pretty obvious.

Before we head on to the below topics, there are some requirements that needs to be processed such as your PlayStation should have the latest software installed or update. Next thing is some of the PS4 games might not support this feature as they require large screen and most importantly better graphics processing system as well. Once you have checked all the requirements we can head on and learn how to download PlayStation Remote Play Apk for Android OS in the below guide.

Why To Use PlayStation 4 Remote Play For Android – PS4 Remote Play Android Latest Version

The sole reason why someone would like to use PlayStation 4 remote play is because it gives us access to play PS4 games on Android platform. I mean to say that we can now play high end games and different amazing characters right on our Android Smartphone. At the same time PS4 remote play APK does the job fine because  it has got great UI design that is easy to navigate and many more.

Download PlayStation Remote Play Apk For Android OS – PS4 Remote Play Apk On Android OS 2017

Well you already know how awesome Android gaming has become and we love playing games on phones. But now you can be able to play PS4 games as well which makes it more than worthy to try this PlayStation Remote Play application. So, you can read the below instructions where I will be discussing different steps to download the app easily.

  • First step is that we have to open Google Play Store
  • Next search for the app “PlayStation Remote Play” and select it
  • Now click on the app, press on “Install” button and wait for it to be installed
  • Finally we have now installed PlayStation Remote Play on Android OS!


Once you have installed PlayStation Remote Play app on your Sony Android device you will be able to play PS4 games with ease. There are so many Playstation 4 games that can be played on your Android Smartphone using the PlayStation Remote Play easily. I hope you will have a great time playing PS4 console games on your Android Smartphone using Dual Shock controllers.

I hope you will have good time playing with your PS4 remote play Apk on Android device, and if you have any problem then let us known in the comments section. And if there are any issue we will try to resolve the problem related to PS4 remote play app issues on your Android  phone.

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