How To Fix “Bootmgr Is Missing” Error On Windows 10/7/8

Bootmgr Is Missing: There are millions of Windows operating system users in the world and you might be one of them. Since you are Windows OS users, you might have come across the error code “Bootmgr Is Missing” which might be a nuisance indeed.

I know this error has been a huge pain for you but now is the time to learn more about this error and how to solve it. Well to shorten the introduction, let me clear it that I will explain you why this error occurs, namely Bootmgr Is Missing. And at the end of our guide we will show you how exactly you can solve this problem.

How To Fix “Bootmgr Is Missing” Error On Windows 10/7/8

Why Does BootMgr Is Missing Error Occurs?

Well not just a single error but there are few more errors related to Bootmgr and the most popular one is as well all know, Bootmgr Is Missing. Now this error is caused when you open your Windows computer and once the windows is loaded. The error occurs and the reasons behind it are because of corrupted files related to hard drive and your operating platform.

Some more reasons would be that your system is running on corrupted Windows OS files, Operating system and BIOS are outdated, at the very least your system cables might be broken. One of my friends suggested a reason that Bootmgr Is Missing occurs when you are trying to boot or load Windows from a flash drive or any other source. In which the operating system is not perfectly loaded and being unstable causes this error.

How To Fix “Bootmgr Is Missing” Error On Windows 10/7/8

Windows OS is one of the finest in the world but don’t expect it to be perfect and some errors like this one, “Bootmgr Is Missing” might occur. But there is no need for worrying as we have a quick solution for this problem which I am going to discuss below.

  • Method 1 – Do a Quick Restart

Well most of the Windows error are typically fluke and can be overcome by just a simple restart of the computer. So, why not do a quick reboot of your windows OS and check for yourself whether it solves the problem or not.

In case if this solution doesn’t work, then we got few more methods written down below

  • Method – 2 : Remove Optical Drives And USB

So when you restart a computer it generally scans and tries to boot the OS or files from different optical disks which include USB, Floppy disks and CD drives as well.

In that I suggest you to simply remove any optical disk inserted into the computer and don’t forget remove any unwanted USB drive which might be fluking the error. Some users have given feedback on popular forums that their external hard drive and USB were the cause for this issue.

I am guessing it might be the same with you and it takes the least of your time to just unplug a few devices right?

  • Method – 3: Change the Boot Sequence in BIOS

We all know that correct boot sequences are to be listed first and later their alternative for the computer to boot from a source. So if you have more than one device connected, then Bootmgr Is Missing error might occur due to the wrong BIOS sequence.

  • Method – 4: Reconnect All the Cables

Bootmgr error can also be caused due to wrong and weak connection of cables throughout the system and around. In such a case what we can do is simply unplug all the cables and re plug them in their right power stations.

If you are too kind, then do yourself a favor and replace all the old cables that are torn with new ones.

  • Method – 5: Re-Install Windows OS

Well the most common issue could be due to corrupted windows files which might be taking a toll on your hard disk as well. Now the easiest way to get rid of this error would be to do a quick reinstallation of Windows OS on your computer.

  • Method – 6: System Restore

Now you might not really be interested in doing a clean new installation of Windows OS on your computer, then we got no other option than to use system restore. There are tons of guides online which will help you out with restoring your computer back to how it was in no time

  • Method- 7: Update BIOS

Even if the error continues, then you should try updating your BIOS to new version as the old BIOS might be out dated. Simply check your present BIOS and driver’s status then start updating them with a quick scan or else download them from online.


In this way by following all the above guides you might surely be able to solve the problem, Bootmgr Is Missing in no time. Really this might not be pure headache for you from now as this guide will help you to get rid of any kind of Bootmgr error in future too.

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