How to Fix Error 0x8007003b An Unexpected Network Error Occurred in Windows

Fix Error 0x8007003b “An Unexpected Network Error Occurred”: There is an error occurred while transferring a large file over VPN connection as Error 0x8007003b. This might be due to the unstable server or mismatch of configuration.their are few OS which limits the bandwidth of server as Samba or Open VPN. Due to this server unstable or mismatch or due to OS issue the error Error 0x8007003b will occur. An Unexpected Network Error Occurred in many operating systems while user are trying to send files. We have got few methods which can help you to get this Error 0x8007003b error fixed. So try this methods and hope that your PC will not repeat this Error 0x8007003b again.

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How to fix Error 0x8007003b in windows

How to Fix Error 0x8007003b in Windows 10:

The issue your facing will be Error 0x8007003b but getting it solved will be different in different situations. Make sure you try all methods given below to get the Error 0x8007003b fixed in windows.

  1. Disable Firewall or Antivirus:

As antivirus and firewall in your PC might not agree to get any new updates easily. As this software wont look at the software is good or bad but will block it from getting installed and thus gives Error 0x8007003b code.

How to fix Error 0x8007003b in windows

Disable Antivirus:

  • Firstly Disable the Antivirus which is protecting your Windows PC
  • If you don’t want to disable the Antirvius then you just disable the protection button
  • Open the Antivirus settings and then just disable this setting
  • This might help you to avoid the Error 0x8007003b in your PC

Disable Firewall:

To disable the firewall in PC go to start menu

How to fix Error 0x8007003b in windows


  • Open All programs and then select the Control Panel
  • Here find out system and security icon to open
  • Select Windows Firewall and make it disable
  • Save the setting and go back to re-install any software

If this Error 0x8007003b is due to firewall or antivirus then it will be solved by this method or else you need to go with below written method.

  1. Check For Formatting:

There are two formatting methods like NTFS and FAT32 which comes for windows and its storage respectively. This method may cause the Error 0x8007003b so we need to check the formatting of destination driver. In FAT32 you can store low storage or else in NTFS you can store file larger then 4GB. So will check this and will fix Error 0x8007003b in Windows.

Go to formatting destination drive and make sure you sending file in desired location by considering the size of file.

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I hope the Error 0x8007003b in Windows has now fixed by using the above methods. If you still face any issue like this, then you can ask them via comment section. It will be helpful to us if you share this article with other and let them know how to get Error 0x8007003b fixed.

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