Fix iPhone Alarm Not Working Error 2017

iPhone Alarm Not Working Error 2017: Do you plan on still sleeping with the excuse that your iPhone alarm clock is not working properly. Well if you are still on to that excuse, then we got a quick method to fix your alarm clock right away. Well many iPhone users might not have come across this issue but most of the times what happens are Alarm clock on iPhone device does not work properly and gives errors. We can consider that this error is due to system problem most of the times, but do you think there is all to it. Well in this guide I will be showing you different methods and quick DIY options which will help you fix iPhone alarm clock not working issue.

If you ask me having an alarm clock matters? Well for some people it might not matter but to most of the people it does because they have to wake up early for their jobs and schools as well. And I guess you don’t want to be late on your ever day job or miss your school prayers for just a simple error.

Fix iPhone Alarm Not Working Error 2017

Why Does iPhone Alarm Stops Working?

So before I get into the solution of this guide I would like to share the reasons why most of the times Alarm clock stops working. I guess you the most awry situation would be that when the IOS version is old and the system is not supported entirely. For this reasons the app might crash down at times, but at the same time this problem is easy to fix as well. We can consider the above reason related to system error but we by mistake might switch off our phone and decrease the volume/ring as well.

How To Fix iPhone Alarm Not Working Error – iPhone Alarm Only Vibrates Error

Many of the times we have see that when you set up your alarm clock to ring, it might not ring but only vibrates. This is a problem because you might not hear or feel the vibration which would not be helpful to wake you up. I will be sharing few methods which we have to go through such this you won’t be having problem regarding iPhone alarm not working.

  • Check if Phone is muted

Make sure whether you have muted your iPhone, in case if you have muted the phone by mistake then simply increases the volume and the clock will work.

Fix iPhone Alarm Not Working Error 2017
  • Also check Volume status

Most of the times we by mistake touch the volume button and decrease it to a low volume which makes the clock ring not able to be heard. In this case you have to increase the volume by clicking on the volume up button.

  • Update IOS OS To New Version

Well in the worst case scenario if the app still does not work then you can simply update your IOS OS to the latest version and the app will start to function properly.


Once you read the above guide you will be able to fix the problem with your iPhone Alarm clock, such that it won’t be showing an error again. Well most of the times the error on iPhone alarm not working is quite easy to solve which you have seen in the above method. Precisely speaking alarm clocks are quite important and make sure you fix your clock on time.

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