How To Fix iPhone Won’t Backup to iCloud Issue 2017

iPhone Won’t Backup to iCloud: Similar to any other platform Apple provides their iPhone and iPad users to backup their device to online. So we save lots of pictures and files together every day on our iPhone which might fill the storage. The best way to save some device storage and at the same time secure these files through iCloud is to back up them. But not every time the backup is successfully and this might hurt most of the users as they cannot backup their data directly. Commonly we use the iCloud backup option from settings in order to back all the files. Sometimes errors such as “iPhone won’t backup to iTunes” and “iPhone won’t backup to iCloud” show up.

Cloud saving and backup has become a prominent way of storing our data online and at the same time saving them from losing. But if this iPhone backing up to iCloud does not work, then it might really interrupt with your work. If you are wondering why this errors occurs, then I must tell you that there are few reasons behind it. Well the most common reason would be no Internet connection and second one is not having enough storage on iCloud.

How To Fix iPhone Won’t Backup to iCloud Issue 2017

How to solve iPhone won’t Backup to iCloud problem

If we are not able to backup files from iPhone to iCloud, then it gets a little hard because we could lose our data and might not be able to retrieve it later. So this is a must thing to be fixed and I will be sharing some of the perfect ways that will help you to solve this problem.

 Method – 1 – Connect to WiFi

So the first common issue due to which this error such as problem enabling iCloud backup is due to no internet or Wi-Fi connection. In simple terms when our device is not connected to any Wifi, then we cannot backup from iPhone to iCloud.

  • First we have to go to settings > click on General
  • Now select Reset and click on the Resent network settings button
  • Next we have to connect to network once again and after that try iCloud backup once again

This time since we have connected our device with Internet connection we will be able to backup files and videos from iPhone to iCloud directly.

 Method 2 – Not enough iCloud storage

Do you still see error such as “there was a problem enabling iCloud backup” when you click to back files to iCloud from your iPhone. As you already know that iCloud account have allotted storage capacity and we are allowed only to backup that much files and documents to iCloud.

So you can open your iCloud app settings and check whether your storage of 200 GB is completely filled or not? If all the allotted storage space on your iCloud account is filled, then simple upgrade your account to a bigger plan. But if you do not want to upgrade your plan then you can simply log in to your iCloud account and delete unwanted files.


Once you read all the above method I am sure you will get rid of this error, iPhone won’t backup to iCloud problem. After solving this issue you will be able to back up all files and data from your iPhone or iPad to iCloud online storage in no time. Even if the error continues it might be because you haven’t followed the above method perfectly. Simple try the above solution and make sure that you have logged in with your iCloud and iTunes account as well.

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