Prison School Season 2 Release Date 2017

Prison School Season 2 Release Date: School anime series have been making it big success like the Prison School anime which was started in 2013 as a Novel but now it is one of the most popular anime series in Japan. Akira Hiramoto is the writer and illustrator of this Manga series, who began working on it since 2010. Later in 2011, during February he started publishing the Managa series in Young Magazine of Kondansha’s weekly. Since then 25 volumes around 200 chapters of this Manga series have been released not just cross Japan but in other countries like America as well.

Prison School anime has season 1 along with OVA released during 2016, which both have been used till Chapter 90 in the managa series. Prison School season 1 was released between the dates July 11, 2015 and September 26, 2015 and it was premiered during the summer break 2015.

Prison School Season 2 Release Date 2017

Prison School 2 Release Date 2017

Let us start with the wonderful news first, that is the Prison School season 2 has been announced and it will consist of 12 episodes as well. The season 1 consisted of 12 episodes as well, so it makes sense since there are around only 50 – 90 chapters left from the Managa series to be filled. According to the sources it is known that the season 2 will start airing from October 11, 2017 which is great indeed.

If you ask me about this Anime, then I would say Prison School is an anime based on humor and how hard 5 boys can endure the pain and punishment in the prison school itself. The story starts with the introduction of private women’s academy which is located somewhere in the outskirts of Tokyo city.

Prison School Season 1 Storyline and Characters

Recently they have changed their academy from all girls to co education but will this new academy be any good to boys. After changing their policy boys are allowed to enroll into this school but do you think anyone would join a school with such strict rules and regulations.

What’s funnier is that in the first semester only 5 boys joined this academy which made the boys to girl’s ratio around 1:200. So the 5 boys who were rudely thrown to corners wanted to have more fun at school with mere dangerous tasks and they get corned again by the student council president. Since the first day the boys have been thrown in prison for almost a month as their punishment and things get even funnier down the lane. This seems just the starting of punishment and the dangerous acts by Boys which will surely make your have more fun along with great animation this Anime has to provide.

Prison School Season 2 Release Date 2017

Prison School Season 2 Episodes List And Release Date News

The news about the release date of Prison School season 2 is true, and if you are wondering about the episode list. Then you can read the below table where we have listed down the different dates for each episode of this anime to be released. The season 2 of this anime will consist of only 12 episodes but I am sure that there will be few more OVA’s be released.

Episode Number Episode Release Date
1 October 11, 2017
2 October 18, 2017
3 October 25, 2017
4 November 1, 2017
5 November 8, 2017
6 November 15, 2017
7 November 22, 2017
8 November 29, 2017
9 December 6, 2017
10 December 13, 2017
11 December 20, 2017
12 December 27, 2017



The best part is that Prison School Season 2 will be released very soon and then it will be time for more humor and fun as well. Though it might take few months for the anime to be released, but it is worth waiting to watch how 5 fellow students take on a school full of girls.

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