Download PUBG Mobile Apk For Android OS 2018

PUBG Mobile Apk 2018: PUBG is the short form for Player Unknowns Battleground which is now one of the best online multi player action and shooting game. If you love to play action and shooting base games like DOTA, GTA and others then this game is perfect for you. So this game was first released for Desktop and console platforms but now it has been released for Android platform as well. In this article we are going to find out how to download PUBG Mobile Apk for Android OS easily.

So this game has been famous for a very long time now but it has been released for just 1 year only and yet it has massive users online every day. This game is an online multiplayer action and shooting game where players need to kill each other to become victorious.

Download PUBG Mobile Apk For Android OS 2018

PUBG Mobile Game Review 2018

So this game is quite simple because every time a brawl or game starts around 100 or 1000 players are sent into one single MAP of certain boundary. In this game all the players have to save their lives, kill others and the last one remaining becomes the winner of the game.If you ask me what’s so good about this game then I would say you will be able to find new ways of killing time and at the same time have fun at the best. You can collect guns, heath, points and even talk to other players who are online for the fun of the game.

This game seems pretty similar to DOTA and other multiplayer action game, but this is more fun. The reason is the game graphics are pretty much great and you can see bullet animation, sounds and different objects clearly. It feels like you are playing live action GTA type game but in reality this is the latest game PUBG mobile released just few days back for Android.

Download PUBG Mobile Apk For Android OS 2018 – Install PUBG Mobile App For Android Online

So the PUBG Mobile game has been released for Android platform and can be found on Google Play Store directly. So I will be sharing the below steps to download the game from play store which is the best way to avoid virus and other situations.

  • So first open your Android device then go to Google Play Store app
  • After that click on the search option and then enter the app name, PUBG Mobile
  • Next select the game with the same name from the search results and click on it
  • Now we have to click on Install button which will first download the game
  • And after the game is downloaded it will be installed directly without further due
  • We have to wait for few minutes for the app to be installed and it will appear in menu finally!

At the end we have now installed the PUBG Mobile app for Android platform directly using the Google Play Store application. We did not use any APK but used the direct Google Play Store app because it will provide new updates to games and apps we have downloaded.

Now you can finally enjoy playing the all time action packed MMO game with players all around the world. So what are you waiting for just go on and start hunting down the other online players who are down the road to block your victory in the game.

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