Quanzhi Fashi Season 2 Release Date, Story 2017

Quanzhi Fashi Season 2: We have seen many Chinese drama and Anime shows but to be frank Quanzhi Fashi is one of the best till date. This show is about our MC who wakes up in a world which is not so familiar and it has been changed forever. Mo Fan is the guy who wakes up one day and finds that his school teaches magic now and the world is based on magic forever.

Quanzhi Fashi Anime has Full-Time Magister Season 2 as the English version and it is categorized under Action, Fantasy, Magic and School Genre. If you are looking for a fun action based anime show with magic in it then this show is perfect for you. The main character has got super powers and he can use magic beyond anyone’s expectations as well.

So this article will be about Quanzhi Fashi Season 2 release date, story, characters and more details about this anime. I guess you would love to read this post because it will answer many of your questions but remember that we aren’t going to give out any major spoilers of the anime, so read it with joy.

Quanzhi Fashi Season 2 Release Date, Story 2017

Quanzhi Fashi Season 2 Release Date, Story And Characters

Since the season 1 of the season has been really amazing which has led to the release of second season of this anime show. Quanzhi Fashi Season 2 release date was announced back then which made huge buzz because the season 1 ended with good story. Now the major reason why the season 2 took place was because that the novel has enough material to go on and the show rating has been good as well.

Well the Quanzhi Fashi Season 2 has been set to be released from September 15, 2017 but the runtime of each episode is 18 minutes only. Since the season 1 had 12 episodes the season 2 has already been set with 12 episodes as well.

Quanzhi Fashi Story And Other Details

The Season 1 of this anime has been awesome with great story line, characters and the graphics are awesome as well. In this anime the main character Mo Fan is able to use magic with more than one element. While everyone around him is able to use magic with just one element which makes Mo Fan special.

But at the same time everyone in the city is safe while outside the city humans are preyed by Magical beasts and Monsters. Mo Fan might have powers beyond others reach but his position in the society is weak and poor. He has an ailing father and disabled step sister whom he has to take care of while saving his city and school.

All the main characters from the season 1 are there in the season 2 which is good and no new characters have been added to the main characters list. But new set of Villains and monsters will be seen roaming the city trying to take down the city.


Quanzhi Fashi Season 2 will be awesome to watch since the anime has already been released and 4 episodes have been aired till date. I have been watching this anime for a year now and to be frank the Quanzhi Fashi Season 2 has really been amazing.

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