Solve “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped” Error

Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped Error:  Recently many users have been complaining about this error and I wanted to discuss about in depth through this article. The error “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped” which has become a common issue these day. This error shows up whenever users try to browse through Google Play Store and at times they download any app or game. Due to this error we find it hard to use Google Play services and installing games or apps have become tough.

And the worst part about this error, “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped” is that we cannot do anything on the screen and wait for the program to load itself. Or else the only solution at times of the error is to cancel the play service app and start it again. Well starting the app again might work for few, but the error might persist once again and we have to solve it once and for all.

So we are going to discuss about this error, on how it can be solved and deal with effective reasons to simply the issue. To be precise, this error might be caused due to few different issues such as outdated app, outdated OS and more. We will also be going to simply each method through which we can solve this issue permanently.

Solve “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped” Error

How to Solve Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped Error On Android OS

Now coming to main part of our guide, where I will show you some quick and easy methods that can be used in order to solve this error about “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped”.

  • Update Google Play Service App

Google Play Service is the app which let us combine our gaming and app data with Google Play Store, and it plays a vital role as well. So, we have to make sure the app is up to date and the latest version is installed. If not, then go to store and update the play service app to the latest version which might hardly take few minutes.

Once you have installed the latest version, run the store once again and you will find that the error is already gone.

  • Clear Cache Of Google Play Services

Now this might come as a surprise but Google Play Services app makes use of data and cache at a high level. So, you might consider twice before clearing the cache from this app and continue with the guide below.

Let me show you how you can clear cache on Google Play Services app:

Clear Cache Of Google Play Services
  • First open your Android phone and go to settings
  • Now select “Applications” and click on “Application Manager” option
  • Then click on “All” option which will show list of all installed apps and games
  • Next search and select ‘Google Play Services” app by clicking once on it
  • Then click on “Clear Cache” option and save the app

Login / Log Out Of Google Account – Sign Out Of Google Account

This method has been used by numerous people over the globe and believes me this works as a charm for every error indeed. In this method what we are going to do is log out of our Google account from Android device and then login back.

Login / Log Out Of Google Account – Sign Out Of Google Account
  • In order to do so, we can follow the steps as shown as here:
  • First we have to open the Android device and go to “Settings”
  • After that click on “Accounts” and search for “Google” account from list of apps
  • Once you tap on the Google account, email address will be shown
  • On the top right corner of the page, click on three button menu
  • Under which select “Remove Account” option and continue
  • In this way we have now logged out or Sign out of Google account


Once you read this guide, you will have a clear idea on how to solve “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped” error on Android OS with in quick time. And in this way you will find it easy to make use of Play Service to download and install new games or apps.

If you still face any issue or problem regarding the guide, then please let me know in the comments below. We will try to answer your query with the best possible option in a very quick time indeed.

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