How To Fix Wii Error Code 51330 Issue

How to Fix Wii Error Code 51330: Today we will be discoing about one of the major error for many gamers who we lay use Nintendo, Xbox, Play Station and such gaming devices. For your good knowledge I would like to confirm that Wii is the consoled released by Nintendo and is now treated as one of the top contender for Play Station series, Xbox and other gaming series.  Many game player use Wii as it is provided by Nintendo to give best gaming experience. As we have been seeing that for everything there are few bugs and issues. This bugs or issues must be solved soon as they may affect the software as well as the users of that product.

Wii Error Code 51330
How To FIx Wii Error Code 51330

As the same Wii Error Code 51330 is one of the problem issues by many users. This error is arise when users tries to connect the Nintendo Wii to internet using Wi-Fi or Router. This error stops the user to play games online and then it gets stuck there.

Where and When Wii Error Code 51330 Appears:

These are few places or situation where Wii Error Code 51330 will be displayed when you switch your Nintendo to internet.

  • Mainly when user tries to connect Nintendo Wii to internet
  • Also while playing the games through online
  • Connection test of Nintendo Wii is not successful

This error has got many reasons to be displayed on your screen, so here we have got a tutorial with few best solutions to fix Wii Error Code 51330.

Fix Nintendo Wii Error Code 51330:

Now get started to apply the below said steps in your device and fix the Nintendo Wii Error Code 51330 issues. There are four methods shown below and anyone from this list will definitely fix your issues. So try these methods without missing any step from them.

How To FIx Wii Error Code 51330

Method 1: Check for New Modification:

This is one of the main reasons where you see Wii Error Code 51330 while connecting to internet. So check whether you have made any modification to Wi-Fi router while proceeding connecting.

  • Check if you have changed the security from WPA to WEP to WPA2 PSK
  • If yes change the same setting in Nintendo Wii and make sure both Router and Wii setting are same
  • Check for Mac filtering in Router, if it is enabled then put the System Mac address in allowed list
  • If it is unable then disable the Mac filtering from setting

This modification setting may have solved your Nintendo Wii Error Code 51330 issues. If the same errors again pop up on window then proceed with other method shown below.

Method 2: Reset Modem Setting:

This method look so simple but most of times the Nintendo Wii Error Code 51330 is caused due to Router setting only. Follow the below given steps and reset the Modem to enable the Nintendo Internet connection.

How To FIx Wii Error Code 51330
  • Unplug the Router Modem from power supply
  • Now wait for a minute and re-connect it to power
  • In Few minutes you will observe the Router blink the lights on it
  • Now try to connect the internet to Nintendo Wii after 5 minutes
  • That’s it! The connection to Wii will be established with this process.

If this process too doesn’t support your device and same Wii Error Code 51330 is raised then proceed with below method.

Method 3: Reset Password and Disable Firewall Protection:

Now let reset the modem password and also disable the firewall projection in your device. IT happens that when the Firewall protection is on, it stops the user from using the internet. So disable the firewall setting and then also reset the modem password to get a new connection.

By this two method it will for sure fix the Wii Error Code 51330 bug and give a secure internet connection. Make sure you reset the entire setting and try again to connect the Nintendo Wii with Wi-Fi.


I hope that the above said methods have helped to fix the Wii Error Code 51330 in your Nintendo Device. This will allow you to enjoy the online gaming without any disturbance. If you have any queries regarding this error or else any other error code, write to us in below comment section. We will be glad to help you out from any situation. Also we will thankful if you share the Nintendo Wii Error Code 51330 fixed article to other.

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