Download Android O Developer Preview 2017 – Android O Update

Android O Download: Recently Google has released the Android O developer preview version which is a great news because we can expect the real version to be released soon. But before that all we have today is the preview version for developers, so that developers across the globe can test the OS on their devices, TV and other products. In this way developers can find different bugs, problems and issues that once reported to Google, will be upgraded such that the final version of Android O is perfect for user usage.

The developer version of Android O is only for developers who want to find bugs and report them so that Google can take better action by fixing such issues. Well if you are common users then you need to know that this early release of Android O developer version is not for any common or consumer use. It means that the version of Android O released has bugs; issues that can be unstable when installed on your Android device and can give performance issues. It is safe to say that any common user like you and me might not find using an under developed version so easily and our device might end up with a bad software. So, if you are developer then you can head down to this guide and find out how to download the developer preview right away.

Download Android O Developer Preview – Android O Update

How can I use Android O developer version

Well if you are wondering on how users or other developers can make use of the early version of Android O released. Then the matter of fact is that when you start using this new version you will be able to find some bugs which you can report and share with others. In the same way there are many developers who will be doing the same, so that all bugs, issues in this upcoming Android O version can be fixed. Such that once Google hear about all the reports and issues then they will be able to upgrade the version with better features and fix all the issues as well.

Releasing a developer version for any Android version has been very useful in the recent times as it has helped Google find major issues and bugs right away. There are many Android developers who work on different projects like apps, games for Android platform. All those developers can also try this new version and check how well their apps, games can perform.

How to download Android O Developer preview – Android O update guide

Now if you are developer who wants to test the latest Android version on your Android phone or any other device. Then you might like this post because I have listed out the steps below which will guide to on how to download the Android O developer version easily.

So you can click here, to visit the official download page for the Android O developer preview version and simply follow the instructions on the screen to get started.

Download Android O Developer Preview 2017


Android has been making their OS even better and this new version Android O seems to be great. But still other Android developers can download the preview version and test the OS performance and other aspects, such that the OS can be made available for consumer user very soon.

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