Download World Cricket Championship 2 Apk On Android OS 2017

World Cricket Championship 2 Game Free Download: Mobile cricket games have been developed a lot and games like World cricket championship 2 are trending now. This is a 3D world cup based theme cricket game for Android platform that is tuned with fine graphics and awesome gameplay.

As I already said there are lots of different cricket based games for Android but this stands out because it has more than enough features than any other game. In this game users can not only participate in games versus CPU, but can also challenge their friends through “Challenge A Friend” section. We are allowed to sing in using our Gmail account where all the game data will be saved and can be utilized for accessing our friends list to challenge them anytime. Next this game controls are same as any other cricket game, simply swipe to the direction where you want to play a shot. In this way you can score runs and to hit sixes and fours, you can select the swing option at the right side of the screen.

Download World Cricket Championship 2

This game offers different features which include 69 different cricket shots that can be played to beat any bowler. Next coming on to the bowling action we have 8 different swing actions that can be used to take any batsman down. You can play games from Test cricket, ODI and tournaments like Blitz and many more.

World Cricket Championship Pro Apk Download

Since we were talking about this game and most of its features, then you can also learn more about the pro version of this game. If you are confused, then let me explain that World cricket championship Pro is also released and it can be bought for $3 from Google Play store directly. But as a matter of fact I find the free version of this game more interesting and they have also released a new update to the free game. So I guess if you want to play a game with better graphics, then you must pick the free version over the paid one indeed.

How to Download World Cricket Championship 2 Apk For Android OS 2017 Online

So now you might already be bored by playing some half tweaked cricket games, then it’s time to learn to install this game instead. I guess you already we are talking about how to download the world cricket championship 2 game for Android. Simply go through the below instructions and you will be able to install this game properly.

Download World Cricket Championship 2
  • Now that you have switched on your Android phone, go to Google store and search this game
  • Or else you can click here to visit WCC2 official webpage on Google play store
  • Next that you are on the download page, you can click on the Install option in green color
  • Make sure you have Wi-Fi enabled as this game is around 60MB; it might easy for Wi-Fi to handle the download
  • Once the app is downloaded then the game will start to install itself and takes less than few minutes to complete
  • Finally we have now installed WCC2 game on Android platform!


Cricket is one of the world’s most popular games and believes me this 3D game by the name World cricket championship 2 is really awesome to play. You will surely get addicted to this game because it has good gameplay, graphics and importantly different competition levels to entertain yourself. If you like to watch and play Cricket in real life, then this game will be lots of fun for you indeed.

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