Fate/Extra Last Encore Season 1 Release Date, Story Online 2018

Fate/Extra Last Encore Season 1: So if you are a fan of this anime series then I guess you might already know that Fate universe has more than 10 epic anime adaptations. Today we have a new anime show to the list to be added is Fate Extra last encore.  This anime show is adapted from the spinoff series of Fate universe where the main character is HakunoKisinami who is the hero. He is sent to a world where he is soon tangled in between fierce battle of maids and heroes to win the Holy Grail competition.

Fate/Extra Last Encore Season 1 Release Date, Story Online 2018

One of the major facts about this show is that all the main characters, heroes and maids are created based on historical personalities. In this anime we see that the main character has his maid by the name Saber whom we have seen in most of the previous anime shows but in different animation. So the Saber is created from the image of King Arthur and she is known to have revolted against her father, King Arthur to overthrow the thrown and become the queen herself.

Fate/Extra Last Encore Story and Characters

So the story of this show is very much similar to previous fate shows but here we have a new hero who is known by the name HakunoKisinami. He is sent to some other world and now he has to fight against other heroes to win this war. But can he do it alone, well he has a friend to help him through this fight and her name is Saber. Well Saber is one of the well-known characters from this Fate universe series who has served a lot of heroes in the past. Saber and Hakuno have to fight with their friends, enemies in this battle to win the Holy Grail.

Though the story might seem like the old ones but Hakuno and Saber are almost new characters with different personalities. And if you have seen the visuals or trailer then you might know that Saber character is well animated in red dress, giving her an entirely different look. But this show will run as the fights will go on between different heroes and their maids or servants to win the final prize.

Fate/Extra Last Encore Season 1 Release Date Announced!

If you have been a fan of Fate universe then you might already know this piece of information that Fate Extra last encore season 1 is released right now. Well you’ve heard me right because this show was announced during 2017 but not much news was spread about the show due to some reasons. But now the show has been released now and it was released on January 28, 2018.

This show was announced in the last year itself and the show has been released in winter 2018 anime season. Even this anime will have 24 episodes because it is created by Shaft and this studio is well-known for making Fate anime shows which contain 24 episodes. But this spinoff series has enough source material for supporting to create 24 episodes as well which is good to hear.


So the Fate/Extra last encore season 1 is going to intense because the fight between maids will be epic to watch. So if you haven’t started to watch this anime till now then go on and start watching it because it has already been released. I am really in love with the Fate/Extra last encore story because it has a new main character that is wrapped up in fierce battle alone against heroes with skills. But do you think that whether he can win the Holy Grail war against his friends and enemies just with the help of a maiden of war.

At the end thanks for hopping on to this post and reading more about this amazing Fate universe anime show by the name Fate/Extra last encore. If you have any kind of question or feedback about the show then please be free to post them in the comments below.

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