Fix Error Loading Media File Could Not Be Played

Error Loading Media File Could Not Be Played:  This means that you’re not using the proper format or something is not working well. In this article we will talk about the best possible ways to fix the “Error Loading Media File Could Not Be Played”. It happens when you stat loading a file in unsupported format in JW player. In this Windows player any video if being played in unsupported format them we can get this error code. So to avoid these messages to be displayed we need to do few things. I will let you know what are the formats that the JW player usually takes in. It happens mostly that .mwv video or video are not supported by JW player as they don’t use the H264 video codec.

Most of the times errors like these do not occur at regular basis and when they occur we must take necessary actions to solve such errors.  This is an error related to media file where a particular media file cannot be opened which seems easy to solve but there is lot more to it. And in this post you will be able to learn how to solve the error caused by loading media file and media file could not be played.

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Error Loading Media File Could Not Be Played

W Player 7 Official Support Media Formats:

Have a look at the below given format and make sure you play your videos in this format to run them without Error Loading Media File Could Not Be Played.

  • 3 streaming protocols: DASH, RTMP and HLS
  • 3 audio types: MP3, Vorbis and AAC
  • 3 video Files: MP4, FLV and WebM
  • YouTube Videos which uses iFrame API
  • JSON Feeds
  • RSS feeds which uses JW Player extension

The above are the regular formats that can used to run the video or audio without getting the MP4, FLV and WebM.

Using Chrome Browser:

If your using the Chrome Browser makes sure your browser is updated to latest version to add the updates which were deleted or added.

  • If this doesn’t happen try to use the troubleshooting steps
  • Here you will delete Cache and Cookies
  • Once you deleted this cache, reset the browser settings

Hope that this will fix the “Error Loading Media File Could Not Be Played” which is stopping you to stream the videos. It mostly happens due to the wrong file format so make sure you use correct video format.

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Try to play the correct format videos and make sure you don’t get this Error Loading Media File Could Not Be Played again. If you have any doubt while playing the videos, let me know in the comment section. Also disable the AdBlock that will allow you to stream video or audio without disturbance.

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