Is StubHub Legit 2018- Is StubHub Safe

Is StubHub Legit?: StubHub has been around for 17 years now as one of the leading online ticket reselling marketplace. It is an arena where people can buy and sell tickets online easily with just few clicks on the screen. It was launched in 2000 by Eric Barker and later was acquired by eBay in 2007.

Now StubHub is under its parent company eBay, and I guess you already know wonderful their services have been. And we will get to see the same service from Stub Hub marketplace which means their service is legit.

Well if you even get scammed then you will get a refund on your tickets price paid which means they are a legit company. Indeed there are many circumstances where users might tickets which might be foul or sometimes the seat numbers might be wrong.

Is StubHub Legit 2017 – Is StubHub Safe

How To Tell If StubHub Tickets Are Real – How To Tell If StubHub Tickets Are Fake

But at the end of the day this is not the wrong doing of StubHub market place but the sellers wrong doing it is. But don’t worry because since StubHub is a legit agency and they have records of all payments made through them. You will get refund on all the tickets price and the amount paid in case if you ever get scammed.

Well when I was reviewing Stub Hub yelp reviews then I found some of the uses had bad luck with getting wrong ticket numbers which they haven’t hoped of. And at the same time there were cases in which people got scammed by sellers but once they filed a complained. They were give the full refund back on the money they paid and I guess this information should be enough for you to get going and buy tickets on Stub Hub.

Is StubHub Safe? – Is it safe to buy tickets?

Now if you are wondering if you can tell if Stub Hub tickets are real or fake, then there is no way you can actually tell such a thing. All the tickets on the market place are bought at certain price and we might visit the seller profile and also their rating to make sure that the tickets are real. But there is no other actual certain way through which you can tell if StubHub tickets are fake.

But if you compare Stub Hub with other market place like Craigslist or more, then I would recommend using this service all day long. It is so because this market place has been on the Internet for a long time and has gained huge user trust. And no such big company would like to scam their users for some $$, while they make big bucks on the back end already without scamming.

Is StubHub Legit 2018 – Is StubHub Safe


There have been good reviews by many users who have bought tickets at many occasions from Stub Hub and they had no problem indeed. But it might not be the same always and sometimes out of bad luck we might find bad tickets or wrong ticket number seats as well. But even in the worst case scenario you will get paid back with full refund.

But it does not mean that StubHub is not a legit agency and indeed it is one of the finest one in the marketplace. And the fact that any tickets on their market place being fake are very little and be sure to shop without being cynical, because it helps.

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