Jetflicks App Review 2017 – Download Jetflicks Apk For Android

Jetflicks App Review: Do you binge watch TV shows? Well most of the people do binge watching but to do it we certainly need a better streaming app. Today I have got another amazing TV show streaming app by the name Jetflicks. This is a pay based subscription app which has 4 different subscription plans which might seem a bit much but to be frank for the service, it is enough indeed.

Jetflicks app gives users the unlimited streaming service once registered and you can cancel your subscription plan anytime you like. So that you will be able to watch TV shows on your Android mobile in HD version using the same Wi-Fi or data connection on your mobile.

There are more than 300 different TV shows that have been previously aired and currently being aired. We can go on and browse between all those 300 TV show seasons and select which one to stream and play right away. The reason I prefer using apps like Jetflicks is that it offers no advertisement which means we can stream shows without being interrupted by ads and all. Not just banner ads, we don’t even have to worry because there are no flash or even native commercials.

Jetflicks App Review 2017 – Download Jetflicks Apk For Android

Jetflicks App Review 2017

The app comes with different streaming options which makes it really nice to have, because we can select which TV show or episode to stream. Then you also have the option to select the HD version, from the available options which helps to save data as well. Unlimited streaming means you can watch any number of TV show seasons and binge watch them anytime you like.

Now if you are wondering why would I advise you to have a look at this app rather than using some free TV show streaming app. Then my reason would be Jetflicks app is updated every day which makes users really happy, because we get to watch our favorite TV shows right away after being aired.

Users have really found this app useful and at the same time the prices don’t seem too much as well, because the annually for just $49.55. And at the same time the monthly package is only $9.99 which would be great for binge watchers like you and me.

How to download Jetflicks Apk for Android OS 2017

Jetflicks app is kind of great when it comes to watching tons of TV shows in pure HD format and I guess most of the binge watching guys love such service. So in order to use this app we can follow the below procedure in order to download the app.

Download Jetflicks Apk For Android
  • First go to and then search for “Jetflicks” app
  • Then download the apk file and install it on your device
  • After that login with your Jetflicks account details
  • Finally you have installed Jetflicks app on your Android device!


Jetflicks app is one neatly designed TV show streaming app for Android and I am sure you will find it really useful to slack some time off. In this guide we have gone through the Jetflicks reviews and also the guide to download it for Android.

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