Playtopia For iOS 10.0.1 9.4 iPhone Jailbreak – Playtopia iTunes Miniplayer

Playtopia For iOS: I was searching for new Cydia tweaks and came up with Playtopia for IOS which is an iTunes mini player. It is a simple mini player for IOS 9 9.4 9.3 10 OS version and can be downloaded for iPhone 6S plus and iPhone 7 plus as well. iPhone users who have jailbreak their device can make use of this mini player to play music on the go.

Playtopia is an iTunes mini player and it comes with an amazing UI design which blends well with every IOS theme. This mini player can be used to play different songs easily and it is swift to use which makes it a good choice indeed. This is a floating widget with a very small design and can be toggled anytime you like. As it does not occupy too much space, the widget looks pretty neat and blends in well with the rest of the icons on the screen.

Playtopia For iOS 10.0.1 9.4 iPhone Jailbreak – Playtopia iTunes Miniplayer

How to Use Playtopia for IOS 10 – iTunes Mini player for IOS

This app does not only look good but it plays songs really well, controls are pretty neat with accurate markings to navigate different songs. We get different buttons such as scrubbing, music controls, volume controls, song information and different shortcuts. We can even connect toggled down the Playtopia iTunes mini player by clicking on the toggled button on the left of the app. At the bottom of the page we have opacity meter, which can be increased or decreased to blend the app as per your preference.

At the bottom of the day I love to download Playtopia for IOS OS 10 9.4 9.3 on different iPhones devices. In this guide we will be going through the process on how to download and install Playtopia for IOS OS jailbreak. Before we get into the guide, this Cydia tweak is available for IOS devices which are jailbreaked and does not work on normal IOS devices.

Download Playtopia For IOS 10 9.4 – How to Buy Playtopia Cydia Tweak For IOS Jailbreak

Playtopia is an awesome Cydia tweak and more than an awesome mini player for IOS devices which include iPhone as well. In order to download this Cydia tweak we have to buy it from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for around $2.99. Yes, this is a paid app but believe me it is worth every penny you spend and this is for jailbreak IOS devices only.

Download Playtopia For IOS 10 9.4 – How to Buy Playtopia Cydia Tweak For IOS Jailbreak
  • Go to BigBoss repo and search for Cydia tweak “Playtopia”
  • After that click on the buy button on the homepage
  • Then you have to enter your Cydia ID and email address
  • Click on the buy button at the bottom of the page
  • Now pay through PayPal, Credit or Debit card as per your preference
  • Download link will be sent to your email address and follow the link
  • Install the Cydia tweak by following the link sent to you
  • Once done you can see that Playtopia app for IOS has been installed!


Once you have completed downloading and installing Playtopia for IOS OS then play some songs and test the app. Well I am pretty sure you will love to use this iTunes mini player to stream and listen to music each and every day because this app is fun to use and easy to customize.

If you have any doubt or problem regarding this guide then let me know it in the below comments section and we will answer them very soon.

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