Solve DPC WatchDog Violation Error

DPC Watchdog Violation: Sometime back I got an error namely, DPC Watchdog Violation error on my Windows 10 desktop and I was puzzled all around. And to be frank, I could not find a reliable answer for quite a few times but later on I found some fine ways to stop the error.

This error occurs mostly on Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 OS desktops and it popups with a name DPC Watchdog Violation and the error code is DPC_Watchdog_Violation on your windows screen. Well Windows devices and platforms are always filled with some bugs or issues but this issue hasn’t been solved for a long time now.

Solve DPC WatchDog Violation Error

So, we are here with a step by step guide where we will help you to minimize and solve the DPC Watchdog Violation error on Windows 10 and 8 OS easily.

If you are wondering this issue is only with you, Then I advise you not to worry because there have been many issues resolved by different windows users on the same topic itself.

How Does DPC Watchdog Violation Error?

DPC Watchdog Violation error in Windows OS is named under the error code DPC_Watchdog_Violation and has been one of the unresolved issues. The main reasons for this error to occur is due to firmware and SDD driver issues, it could also mean that your HDD might be corrupted if windows starts giving warnings regarding corrupted hard disk. If not, then the problem is within your HDD firmware drivers and some other stuff.

But before beginning the guide, I advise you to uninstall and remove unwanted software’s and files that are of no use. You can even remove previously installed software from control panel by sorting it with date.

Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Error On Windows 10 & 8

Earlier we’ve mentioned that this error has been a major one and I too faced similar issue in the past. And so as to solve the problem I followed some method which solved my issue without any problem and they will work like charm for you too. Hence, I came up with a bunch of super methods that will help you to fix DPC Watchdog Violation error on windows desktop.

  • Remove Corrupted System Files On Windows OS

If you’ve heard of blue screen and black screen of death, then let me tell you these issues are caused due to corrupted files on the system. It might occur that some of your system files might be corrupted due to some reason and you can rectify such files and replace them by using CCleaner or Windows diagnosis tool.

  1. Let me show you how you can run system files scan manually and automatically replace the corrupted files as well.
  2. Now open Command Prompt with ‘Run as Administrator” and enter the below command in the next windows of command prompt
  3. CHKDSK C: /F /R
DPC WatchDog Violation Error Solution
  1. And then press the enter button to continue
  2. So as the C:\ being Windows system drive is running, the system scan and file checkup won’t begin now. We have to schedule the file checking for the next reboot and this question will be asked in the next command windows.
  3. You can agree by typing Y to schedule the system file checking and after that click enter.

Once you restart your computer, your system files will be thoroughly checked up the Windows scanning tool and this process might take a little longer. It is duly suggested that you wait for the process to be done and do no restart or switch off during the checking process.

  • Scanning and Fixing System Files

This above method will only help you to check different disk and drives on your Windows OS, but to scan files and find even more corrupted files I prefer using Scanning and fixing system files.

  1. Similarly we have to open Command Prompt and enter the below text
  2. SFC/scannow
  3. Then click on the enter button which will begin the scanning process
  4. This scan will automatically find the files that need to be replaced and fixes them
  5. Once all the process is done, you can reboot your Windows now!
  • Repair Windows OS and Restore Windows System

Even after following the above method if the DPC Watchdog Violation error still remains that I would suggest you to restore windows system files if you have a backup of previous windows anytime.

  1. So as to do it, you have to go into Safe mode where you can find windows restore settings
  2. Just select the previous restore point and start with it normally
  3. In case if the restore won’t work then you can thoroughly install a new Windows OS on your desktop, which would be the final resort.

Well thank you for taking your time in order to read this guide about different methods to solve and fix DPC Watchdog Violation error. I am surer with the help of these guides you can solve error code DPC_Watchdog_Violation on Windows 10 and 8 OS Desktop.

If you still face any kind of issues or problems, then let me know them in the comments section below.

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