Ajin Season 3 Release Date, Story 2018 Online

Ajin Season 3 Release Date: The Ajin season 3 release date is scheduled to be released after April, 2018 and the reason why is discussed below. If you are a fan of Japanese Manga then you might have heard about the light novel Ajin Demi Human which is very famous in Japan and other countries as well. This show is about demi humans who do not die even if their heads are cut out and they can grow their body parts always. This anime has released three anime films between the periods of 2015, 2016 and has released two anime seasons for Television with 13 episodes each.

So previously Ajin 3 movie and Ajin season 2 were released and the fans are waiting for the release of Ajin season 3 right now. Polygon Pictures along with Netflix have not issued any information online regarding the release of third season but we have gathered some information on our own. According to the rumors online the Ajin season 3 anime is now confirmed and the show will be released for 13 episodes in April, 2018.

Ajin Season 3 Release Date, Story 2018 Online

Will There Be an Ajin Season 3 – Ajin Season 3 Story, Characters, Plot and More

During the end of season 2 last episode we come to see that Satou has escaped once again and he will come back to inflict more damage on the human world. So this hint from the last season is enough to know that there will be a third season for Ajin anime. But some of the drawbacks are that this show was made really well but the DVD and Blu-Ray sales were not so good since season 1. But when we look at the Manga sales, we can observe that Ajin Manga has sold millions of copies and is truly one of the best stories right now.

The main reason why the Ajin season 3 release date is not announced till now is because of the Live action film that was released in 2017. The live action film was the adaptation of Ajin Demi Human Manga and the film did very well since it was supposed to. At the same time we know that Ajin Manga is still going on but the volumes that have been released till now are very less. To be precise since the release of Manga in 2012 only 11 volumes have been released which were adapted into the anime. But when we look at the anime and Manga, we can clearly see that the anime show is original since Netflix created it.

So the Ajin season 3 story will be about Satou who has escaped from the high end prison and he will try to take revenge against those who imprisoned him at last. But Kei Nagai will not be quite since he and his team has taken the job to calm the Saotu movement to rebel against the humans. I guess season 3 will bring more fight to this anime with Saotu on the rampage to kill those who look down on demi humans. So the shows third season will not follow every single part of the Manga because last two seasons were made from original content. And the same will happen to season 3 also so we have to wait and see what more new characters and plots will be revealed in the third season.

Ajin Season 3 Release Date Announced – How to Watch Ajin Season 3 Online

Polygon Pictures have created both the seasons of Ajin Demi Human which began in 2016 and the first season was released with 13 episodes. Though Netflix created the show it was first released in Japan and at the same time the second season also consisted of 13 episodes also. Netflix has a habit of releasing two seasons without much gap and the same happened with this show as well. The first season which is Ajin season 1 was released on January 16, 2016 to April 9, 2016 which consisted of 13 episodes. Next the Ajin season 2 was released on October 8, 2016 to December 24, 2016 which premiered during fall 2016 seasons. We see that the both seasons were released in the same year with just a gap of 4 months.

After the release of anime a third movie was released in September, 2016 and after sometime the live action movie was released in 2017. Looking at the time gap we can confirm that Netflix is planning to release Ajin season 3 during 2018. So the movie was released in September 2017 then I guess that the Ajin season 3 is going to be released after April month of 2018. The same thing happened with the first season which was released in April, 2016 and I guess it might also get a fourth season too.


Well there has been no confirmation about the Ajin season 3 release date by Polygon Pictures till now but the show will return this year for sure. It is because Ajin anime is becoming popular and the Netflix streaming service might have other plans to release the third season in this year. We are sure that Polygon Pictures have started working on the anime from last September, 2017 and it will take around 5 months for the anime to be completed. So once the anime is completely produced, Netflix will release Ajin season 3 during April or May 2018.

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