Akagami no Shirayukihime Season 3 Release Date, Story 2018

Akagami no Shirayukihime Season 3: If you are a true anime fan then you must have heard about the show Akagami no Shirayukihime which is also pronounced in English as Snow White with the Red Hair. This show was created by Bones Studio who first thought to release the anime in 24 episodes but it was later decided to release two seasons with 12 episodes each. This anime is a combination of drama and fantasy which deals with romance between the two main characters very often. If you are looking for a light weighted warm hearted anime series then this is the best show for you.

I have watched the first and the second season which were really good to watch and I truly think that there must be a third season as well. It is also true that the Akagami no Shirayukihime anime had only one season which was ordered to be split into two seasons. The two seasons were released in summer 2015 and winter 2016 anime seasons. Many fans have the wrong theory that this show had two seasons from the start, but this reason is not an issue or it might not hinder the chances of third season at all.

Akagami no Shirayukihime Season 3 Release Date, Story 2018

This show has recently released the DVD sales news which also hints the show is still making good commercial success all over the world. On their twitter account the show released a poster for 24 episodes + OVA included to be released from July 28, 2017. So it has been few months since the DVD went on sale and this is the reason why the third season is still not announced. It is a fact that this show is very good at both making impact on sales and it has also attracted a huge fan base.

The Manga of this anime has 17 volumes released till now which have been sold more than few million copies all over the world. And the good part is that this series is still ongoing which means we will still receive more volumes which can be used for making third season. The last volumes from this series were released during March, 2017 which states that this series is running well and good.  I also looked at the MAL reviews which were pretty good and the first season ratings on MAL were 7.92 from 114,273 members who have watched this show. The second season on MAL has 8.13 from 68,069 fans which shows a steady increase in the fans who have liked this show.

Akagami no Shirayukihime Season 3 Story – Snow White with the Red Hair Season 3 Characters

We will be discussing about the Akagami no Shirayukihime season 1 story first which introduces the fans to the main character Shirayuki, whose name means snow white. Similar to her name she is a bright person who is always happy with a big smile on her face who lives in a happy kingdom by the name Tanbarun. She works at her herbal shop all the time and the people around the streets know her very well.  But similar to the old story of Snow white even in this anime we come to see that the prince of Tanbarun will notice Shirayuki, snow white. The Prince Raji wanted to take control of Shirayuki but she cuts her hair down and runs into the forest where she is saved by the Prince Zen Wistalia, who is the prince of one of the neighboring countries.

Shirayuki is resuced by Prince Zen and two of his friends and in order to repay the debt for saving her she becomes a herbalist in his kingdom. In this new Royale Palce of Clarines, the Snow white Shirayuki has to learn new ways of helping the prince and to serve the kingdom as well. In the first season we see that both the prince and Shirayuki will learn to make new friends and walks towards their destination to be the best. The first season was really good because we saw the friendship grow between the two main characters, even though there are new enemies their friendship will help them defeat all over again.

The Akagami no Shirayukihime Season 2 was later released which was really amazing because the show took better turns this season. We come to know that Shirayuki and Zen have both agreed on their mutual romantic feelings for each other. But never the less they have become dearer to each other but this did not hurt their daily lives which continued to go on. But things do not go well because the Crown Prince Izana asks Shirayuki to go to Tanbarun for seven days in order to form a friendship between both the kingdoms. But the reason why she escaped from the Kingdom of Tanbarun is because of the evil Prince Raji who has sent this new invitation. She follows the order to visit the kingdom but she meets a new kid during her visit. She has never met this new kid before and things turn up pretty bad after meeting the kid. But at the end Zen comes again to her rescue and saves her even this time while they return back to their kingdom happily.

Now if the third season is renewed and it is said to be announced then I am sure that the show will contain more about the romantic life and relation between the two main characters. The Akagami no Shirayukihime season 3 story will follow Shirayuki after her visit from Tanbarun Kingdom and now she will open her feelings before everyone for Zen. I think that in this third season we will see Zen and her getting married as well because they already like each other. But we have to wait for the third season to be released to know what will happen in the third season.

Akagami no Shirayukihime Season 3 Release Date, Story 2018

Akagami no Shirayukihime Season 3 Release Date – Snow White with the Red Hair Season 3 Release Date, Episode List Online

Well let me begin with the news that the second season which was released in 2016 has sold well in DVD and Blu-Ray sales which mean there will be a third season for sure. It is a rule that when the anime sells well in DVD sales, then there will be a next season for sure. The same thing happened with the first season which was released in 2015 that sold more than 7,000 copies and the second season was released the same next year. But the Snow white with the red hair season 2 release date was during January, 2016 but this is year 2018 which means the third season should have been released. But till now Akagami no Shirayukihime season 3 release date has not been announced because the show is still under production.

There are enough content and Manga source material left in order to complete the third season of this anime with 12 episodes easily. According to the news the show will be released for third season in summer 2018 anime season. But if the show is still not released then it will surely be released in winter 2019 season, similar to the first season release date which took place in January.


Thanks for reading this article about the Akagami no Shirayukihime season 3 discussion where we have discussed the chances of the third season to be released. I am pretty sure that Snow white with the red hair season 3 anime is going to be released this year 2018. This anime has sold more than millions of copies of Manga in all over the world and has also sold thousands of DVD copies. So even if the third season is delayed for some time, then I am pretty sure that the Akagami no Shirayukihime season 3 release date will be around fall 2019 for sure.

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