Best Craigslist App Download For Android – Postings App 2017

Craigslist App Download: In this modern day world we find it hard to get new job and finding jobs that pay is even harder. But I guess you all might have heard about Craigslist which is one of the world’s most popular daily classifieds website. Yes, we are talking about the Craigslist website where millions of people post for jobs and recruitment every day and believe me this website is massive. Not only users can post for quick jobs, people can even find jobs and make money that can help them.

Now as well know this website is really good, but we all have Android and IOS Smartphone at our hand. And it won’t be wise to browse the Craigslist website every day and look for news jobs or employers you’ve got. But the worst part is that Craigslist App is not officially released but don’t worry guys because we got the best Craigslist App alternative for you.

Best Craigslist App Download For Android – Postings App

We are talking about Postings an app similar to Craigslist that does the same job of posting and getting employers for you. All you have to do is just download the app on your Android Smartphone and start browsing it.

So I thought it would be nice to give you an over view and review of the whole Craigslist App for Android and yes, the features remain the same for IOS as well.

Craigslist App Features – Postings App Details

Before we get into the main topic where I will show you the Craigslist App download process, let me discuss this app features. Well there are quite a few excellent features we all are interested in, so start reading below.

  • Location Based: The first and pioneer feature of Craigslist App is that we can find jobs that are located in our nearby location. It is really simple to use, we just have to put our country and state location, and then all the job classifieds will be shown in proper list.
  • Response App Design: Postings as I already said is one of the finest Craigslist App For Android that can be downloaded for free of cost. But other than this it comes with a great user interface that allows users to browse and navigate easily without any problem.
  • Multiple Location Search: We can search for jobs in multiple locations we like and all we have to is just enter the location names and hit enter to get the results.
  • Save Ads: Yes you are allowed to save ads and the entire job offer you think are okay to go with, click on save button to save the particular advertisement.

How To Download Craigslist App For Android OS – Postings For Android

Now we are done with the app features and in depth review, next come the part where you will learn how to download Craigslist App for Android OS 2017. The process is really simple and all you have to do is just install the app like any other Android application. And after that start using Postings app for Android to post new jobs and find jobs that you can make money from.

  • So the first step is to open your Android Smartphone and go to Google Play Store
  • After that enter “Postings” app name in the search bar and select the app
  • Now click on the “Install” button which will initiate the download process
  • After the download is finished, Postings app will begin to install and might take a bit of time
  • Finally we will have our Craigslist App successfully downloaded!


Surely you will find Postings as one of the best Craigslist App alternative for Android OS and believe me it will work like charm. So just open the app and start browsing through the list of jobs, posts that you can browse and select the ones you like.

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