How To Fix NSURLErrorDomain Error in iPhone, iPad and iPod iOS Device

How To Fix NSURLErrorDomain Error: this Insubordinate error is error is commonly seen iPhone and iPad devices irrespective of their iOS version. We all know that Apple is the top listing company to produce new technology and innovation features. Also on the other part we can admit that their are similar ways of bugs too. Yet this bugs are going to be resolved as the newer version of iOS gets launched. Until then you are supposed to fix the NSURLErrorDomain error and such errors manually. This is an irregular error which cant be understood but using this tutorial users can fix and get relaxed form NSURLErrorDomain error.

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How-To-Fix-NSURLErrorDomain-ErrorHow To Fix NSURLErrorDomain Error
How To Fix NSURLErrorDomain Error in Apple Device

Their are best possible methods which discussed in this article to resolved the NSURLErrorDomain error issue. Make sure you follow each of this method differently and wait for a while after getting one method done. As it takes to implement the solution to be applied.

How to Fix NSURLErrorDomain Error Methods:

  1. Reset the DNS Cache:

In this particular method we will be deleting the PLISTs alone with command which will reset the DNS cache. Below are the following PLISTs that need to deleted so go through them correctly.

  1. Users/<myusername/Library/Preferences/
  2. Users/<myusername/Library/Preferences/
  3. Users/<myusername/Library/Preferences/

    How To Fix NSURLErrorDomain Error in Apple Device
  • Now Go to Applications then to Utilities and to Terminal options
  • Here type the command as sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder
  • This code will reset the DNS cache and will restart the iDevice
  • After power Up, go to Networks ROM System Preference and then highlight the active connection
  • Tap on advance and go to TCP/IP to renew DHCP license

This method will definitively solve the presently running issue but if your device doesn’t support this method, then their should a further step to be taken.

  1. Soft Reset Your iDevice:

In this method we will be soft resetting the iDevice which will fix the presently running bugs or issue in device. This option will not any device data and instead increase the performance.

How To Fix NSURLErrorDomain Error in Apple Device
  • Hold the Home button along with Volume Up + Down button together
  • Until the Apple Logo appears on your Screen, Now leave them and keep the iDevice aside
  • Wait for few minutes, make sure you had enough battery to your device
  • In few minutes iDevice will restart and you device will be ready to use

This method is simple and easy to perform which will fix NSURLErrorDomain Error and other error code if any. If this method too hasn’t supported your device and the NSURLErrorDomain Error code appears to be same. Then go with below written process.

  1. Disable Fire Wall and Anti virus:

Many a times it was found that NSURLErrorDomain Error is also due to anti virus installed in device. So in this method will be disable the anti virus for few minimize and try to fix the NSURLErrorDomain Error issue. This method will defensibly work and will hope that it works on your device to.

  • Firstly disable the installed anti virus in your device
  • Go to System Preference then to Security & Privacy and Firewall
  • In firewall options disable the enabled settings and enable the gatekeeper

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That’s it! Now I hope that NSURLErrorDomain Error has been solved and you can easily use your Apple device. I hope that the above said methods have helped you to resolved the issues successful. If you have any more queries regarding the NSURLErrorDomain Error code or else you feel difficult to apply this methods, then reach us using the comment box. Also suggest your friends and family about how to fix NSURLErrorDomain Error in Apple devices.

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