Best Mini Pekka Deck Clash Royale 2017

Mini Pekka Deck: Before we get into the main part of assigning a deck to use along with Mini Pekka, we have to first learn about this card itself. This card was first launched on Clash Royale soft launch during 2016 and it has moderate hit points which make it hard to kill. At the same time this card can damage both troops and towers, which makes it worthy to use indeed.

Mini Pekka might be strong and can do heavy damage but to do so, it has to reach enemy towers or troops simply. But you must also provide backup support to your Pekka from enemy troops of all kinds, while Skeleton Army can hurt it the most.


Backup Support For Mini Pekka

If you have released a Mini Pekka, then I prefer sending Baby Dragon at least 2 Elixr away, so that if skeleton army is released then Baby Dragon can take care of them. In the same way Inferno Dragon, Wizard and Witch can help to fight against different kinds of enemy troops, while Mini Pekka is fighting against other enemy troops. I always prefer air support from Arrows, Baby Dragon and Inferno Dragon as they are quick and can damage easily.

So now I will be listing different support cards that can yield good results when you use them as a combo together with Mini Pekka card.

Mini Pekka + Baby Dragon + Arrow + Tornado

If you have any of the three cards from this combination then you can surely cause huge damage to enemy towers life points easily. First let the Mini Pekka through, then release Baby Dragon so that it can take care of Skeleton Army if released. If the Baby Dragon cannot reach the Skeleton Army in time or so, then use the Arrow card to kill them all with just one hit. Make sure that the combination hit is perfect or else few of the skeletons left aside which can ruin your plan for good.

If your Mini Pekka has reached the enemy base along with Baby Dragon then apply the tornado card, so that enemy troops will be brought to one end and Baby Dragon can kill them, while Mini Pekka is charging right through them.

Best Mini Pekka Deck Clash Royale 2017

Mini Pekka Weakness

Well there are some weaknesses to this card as well, so we have to learn of the card highs and lows as well to make well use of it further. In Clash Royale every card can be used in a tactical way but remember that every card has its own features and weakness as well. So while you can create tactics to win with your Mini Pekka card, it has got some weak points which can be learned for better use.

  • It is weak against Swarm units which means, cards like Skeleton and Goblins are included in it
  • It takes great damage from Air troops such as Minions and Baby Dragon as well
  • Even a Minion Horde can cause damage to Mini Pekka life points

Easiest way to tackle the cards like Skeleton, Goblins, Minion and Minion Horde is to attack them with Arrows easily. Well an Arrow card takes only 3 Elixr which can be collected in no time, while Baby Dragon can also be used to deal with Skeletons and Minions.


If you consider attacking with Mini Pekka as your main card, then you have to make sure to follow our tips from above. I am sure you will gain victory in many matches with this combination of deck, along with Mini Pekka as the main character.

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