All Xbox Games With Gold January 2017 Edition

Xbox Games With Gold 2017: Do you own an Xbox One gaming console by Microsoft, then you must be really interested in Games with gold program. Well we can call Xbox Live Gold an awesome program for all the Xbox console users and a means to counter the nemesis PlayStation Plus program. This gold program is really simple and users can subscribe to it and believe me it is filled with awesome gifts and stuff that will amaze you.

So this Xbox Live Gold members receive different games on their Xbox stores every now and then, I guess the time period is every month. So, I thought we all love to play new games and this program gives us free games for free with gold and that are awesome indeed.

In this guide we will be going to list out all the games with gold in this edition of January, 2017. So start reading the below guide.

All Xbox Games With Gold January 2017 Edition

How to Get Free Xbox Games With Gold?

Now this question might be wondering in everyone’s head so let me explain how you can get free Xbox games with gold. Once you have registered yourself as a Xbox live gold member you can go to your Xbox marketplace and click on purchase button on free games you’ve received.

Every moth 4 new games will be released for free of cost and you can purchase it from your Xbox console directly. Now as I already said 4 games will be released, then two will be made available during the first half and the next 2 during the second half cycle of the month.  Please don’t just stick to this schedule because Microsoft is kind of awry with their schedule and timings. What I actually mean is that they sometime release a single game or sometime 2-3 as well.

Now once a free game in released you will have to get it into your account by purchasing it for free. Let me make it clear that you will not have to pay for the free game, simply go the market place and click on purchase button. Such that you will be able to access the game for free of cost directly from your console without paying anything.

Xbox Games With Gold January 2017 Edition

Well let us not take more time and get into the main guide below, where we have listed all the free games with gold released. I have listed all the games with gold along with their console platform, release date and price which might change.

Game Title Platform Release Date Price
 Rayman Origins Xbox 360 2017-01-16 $15
Killer Instinct Season 2 Ultra Edition Xbox One 2014-10-15 $40
The Cave Xbox 360 2013-01-23 $15
World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap Xbox One 2017-01-01 $20
Burnout Paradise Xbox 360 2008-01-22 $15
Outlast Xbox One 2014-06-19 $20
Outland Xbox 360 2011-04-27 $10
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Xbox One 2014-10-14 $30

Note: This list is only for games with gold that were released during the December, 2016 and January 2017 period. We will update this list very soon with more games and with upcoming month’s games with gold list as well.


Frankly this is program by Microsoft namely, Games with Gold for Xbox is really a good one. I mean we can register for this service through our Xbox account and receive at least one game per month which is pretty awesome news for gamers.

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