Insert Degree Symbol On MAC OS X Yosemite 2017

Use Degree Symbol Mac: Hello guys welcome to another post on this website and by the title itself you might have understood what this guide would be about. So this topic is about how to type or insert Degree symbol MAC Os, and this guide works for all desktop and laptop with MAC OS.

There are two different ways of inserting degree symbol on your MAC OS X and these methods work at any entry level. Well these are called as system level functions which mean that we can make use of degree symbol on any software at any particular time as well.

This might clear your doubt then making use of degree symbol on MAC might not be so hard and this whole guide is dedicated to this reason alone. We will be going through two different methods which will helps us to generate the degree symbol MAC OS X.

How To Use Degree Symbol On Mac OS X

Well before I get down to the two methods through which you can make use of this degree symbol, let me explain how useful it can be. Most of the times whenever you try to write down documents, send messages through Skype or make use of messaging applications. At those times degree symbol can be made use for general conversation, and most of the times whenever you say “Its 40 degrees” isn’t bustle indeed.

But whereas making use of the real degree symbol kinds of looks professional and most of the times it conveys the perfect answer. What I mean is you don’t always need to type degree, while we can use the degree symbol itself on MAC platform. Now let us get into the guide on how to use this symbol easily.

Method – 1: Use Degree Symbol On MAC OS From Special Characters Menu

Now this is the first method which is sure an easy process to understand and here we will be using the degree symbol from special characters menu directly. Well before that you must note that the special characters menu is called in MAC OS X and it has been changed to Emoji & Symbols Menu in OS X Yosemite.

Use Degree Symbol On MAC OS From Special Characters Menu
  • Point the cursor where you would like the degree symbol to be inserted
  • Next go to edit > special characters (Emoji & Symbols) option
  • Now we will see new windows will pop up with different special characters and Emoji
  • After that enter Degree in the search box ad select the degree symbol by clicking on it

Once you click on it, the degree symbol will appear where you’ve positioned the cursor earlier!

Method – 2: Degree Symbol MAC Keyboard Shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts have been of massive help to me for the past decade or from the time when I learnt using a desktop platform. Well now we will, be learning the degree symbol keyboard short code for MAC OS desktop platform.

  • First you have to point the cursor where you want the symbol to be inserted
  • After that you will have to press the below keyboard shortcut

Option-k: This shortcut inserts a small degree symbol (i.e., 72˚)

Shift – Option-8: This shortcut inserts a little big degree symbol (i.e., 72°)

In case you’re wondering there is not much difference between both the small and large degree shortcuts in real means.


So wasn’t it easy to make use of Degree symbol Mac OS X and believe me these methods work at any time on the MAC OS. All you have to do is just follow the above instructions and insert/generate the degree symbol on your MAC OS X platform.

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