3 Best PayPal Alternative 2017 – PayPal Credit Alternative 2017 Online

PayPal Alternative 2017: Want to purchase something online like buying stuff from eBay or Amazon, you might have used PayPal. And to be frank the best means of paying online for any service is through using PayPal. I guess you already know why it so popular, well if you don’t know then it is one of the swift means to send and receive payments.

Have you heard the news that PayPal alternative are on high demand, well this is the reason why tech giants like Apple, Facebook and Google have been testing their payment apps on the run. Google wallet and Apple Pay are two popular alternatives that are being opted instead of PayPal.

Few days back I was trying to pay for my invoice using PayPal, but then I thought I should be having more than enough options to pay along with PayPal as well. As a service, PayPal has been tremendous in terms of help to make payment to anyone easily, but it is also good to have alternative that can come handy when other sites are down for certain reason.

3 Best PayPal Alternative 2017 – PayPal Credit Alternative 2017 Online

3 Best PayPal Alternatives – Find PayPal Credit Alternative

So in this guide I will be sharing some services similar to PayPal alternative, so that you will be able to select the best one you like.

Google Wallet

Once Google Checkout now it is Google Wallet a fast means of sending and receiving money instantly through your account. This service is pretty much similar to any other but the fact it is by Google makes it trustworthy such that we can send and receive money freely. It features credit card processing, sending invoices and you can simply use your Google account to sign up for this service in no time.

It will automatically transfer the amount to your bank account which is perfect, so that you don’t have to transfer payment to bank again. At the end of the day paying directly through your Google wallet app from your Smartphone is far easier.

Google Wallet


  • Payment can be made through Google wallet app directly
  • They have fraud monitoring that helps to safeguard users money
  • Integration with Google account makes it simple to sign up
  • It features a single card so that we don’t need to use multiple cards


Most of the online money transaction networks do not send money at real exchange rate, but Transferwise deals with the real exchange rate. This service lets you accept and send payment from clients from anywhere in the world which is good. Once you are paid the money will get accounted in your bank account in 2-3 days and the best part is the network is simple to use.

The reason why people advise to use Transferwise is because it deals with the exact exchange rate and the commission fees are half of what normal bank charges.



  • You can accept payment from clients and send payment, to anywhere
  • Payment are deposited in bank account in 2-3 working days
  • It is very simple which helps users a lot to pay without any problem
  • Transfer of money is based on real time exchange rate


Skrill can be considered as one of the best PayPal alternative, it is created with user point of view so as to provide better user experience. It was formerly known as Moneybookers, this is an international service which allows its users to send and receive money while you shop on online easily. Most of the online e-commerce networks like Amazon, eBay are now using Skrill payment gateway as well.

It supports more than 200 different countries along with selling in 40 different currencies while providing better security to its client and merchants. The merchant fee is comparatively low as well which is good as a matter of fact, so that sellers can sell without problem.



  • Skrill is supported in more than 200 countries along with working in 40 currencies across the globe
  • It is accepted widely in online e-commerce and shopping sites
  • It offers top level security to its users and payment monitoring for user convenience
  • Even the transactions fee is low which is good for merchants and sellers


After reading our guide about the best PayPal alternative this year, you will have few of the finest sites like PayPal to make online international transactions easily. It doesn’t matter which country you belong to making an international payment is hard but using alternatives to PayPal, we can pay swiftly.

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