Download BlackPlayer Music Player Apk For Android 2018

BlackPlayer Music Player: Today we are going to review BlackPlayer Music player which is customizable music player for Android platform. This app comes with different themes and fonts along with colors that can be changed with our preference. It supports most of the common media file formats such as MP3, WAV and OGG as well which are fine because most of the songs are in this format only.

It has an inbuilt equalizer which helps to play with different sound effects as bass and few more. The app has 3D sound virtualizer that gives better effects while the song is being played that makes the bassboost even more useful.  Besides all these features the simple reason why I prefer this music player is because it has got really smooth interface. It is easy to browse through and comes with a unique interface that makes navigation even simple.

It features Gapless playback which allows users to listen to music without any breaks or gap that helps in long journey indeed. Being easy to customize we can choose between different themes, fonts and colors that available.

Download BlackPlayer Music Player Apk For Android 2017

Black Player Music Player For Android Features

But at the end of the day this app is better because it has got speed which makes selecting and changing songs quite easy at times. It has got HD album cover option as well which means you can show any HD cover album on selected songs which can be done through auto or manual as well. It might not mean much to most of the people, but there are people who select their songs based on the album cover.

And the most common feature in any music player is the Shuffle option, which can be used to shuffle your playlist or songs from any directory. In this way you don’t have to listen to the songs in the same list or manner like every time you do.

Download BlackPlayer Music Player For Android OS 2018

Black Player for Android is one of few Android music players that come with great elegance and it has got really a neat design which makes it good to use. Well there are people who prefer dark theme that this app has and it is what makes listening to music even better. So let us find how to download Black Player for Android phone from the below steps.

Download BlackPlayer Music Player Apk
  • So I guess you should already know that Black Player has already been released for Android format which means we can download it from Google play store.
  • Now open the Google play store app from your Android Smartphone and then search for the app through the search bar next.
  • Once you have selected the BlackPlayer app from the searched results, you have to click on the Install option which will begin to install this app once the download is finished
  • Finally we have now installed the Black player music player on your Android device!


Black Player is an elegant music player that comes with a modern theme and deign that makes browsing through songs and all too easy. This app has got so many unique features such as better interface, ability to play multiple file formats and more. Through this guide you will be able to download Black player for Android that makes music even better.

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