How To Solve Chromebook Won’t Turn On Problem 2018

Chromebook Won’t Turn On: Chromebook laptops have become one of the most influential laptop series in the world and have many users are vouching for them. But some of the users have reported that their laptop does not turn on even after switching on. Usually this kind of problem with Chromebook series laptop is not usual, but sometimes it might be due to hardware issues as well. But most of the times such problems namely black screen are caused due to normal issue which can be resolved easily and hardly takes anytime.

Many users have complained that even the brand new Chromebook along with the old ones are not responding at all which means the laptop won’t turn on. Even after holding the power button the LED blinks but it won’t turn on, you might wonder this might be due to battery issue. Well there are different reasons why the black screen of death is caused, so let me show you how to solve it swiftly.

How To Solve Chromebook Won’t Turn On Problem 2017

How to solve Chromebook Won’t Turn On 2018

As I already said we have few methods that can solve the Chromebook won’t turn on issue that is a serious problem most of the times. So go on and continue reading the guide below which will surely help you get rid of all such errors on your Chromebook laptop.

Problem 1 – Drained/Dead Battery

Most of the laptop users who might be worried on to how such an error like black screen of death occurred on their device. Well the most common cause is due to drained or dead battery which is out of charging, so we simply have to charge the battery using the cable.

Problem 2 – Overheated Chromebook problem

This kind of issues are mostly unheard of because we might not tweak or utilize our Chromebook to the length that it is overheated and might shutdown suddenly. Once it is shut down we might try to switch on but it won’t happen, this is probably due to affect of the overheating.

Well the simple way of solving this issue of overheating on Chromebook series is by letting your laptop for rest for some time. I guess resting the Chromebook for certain time period of around 20 – 40 minutes might be enough to reduce overheating. After that try to switch on the laptop once again and this time it will be working properly again.

Problem 3 – Hard disk corrupted/Broken hard disk

If your Chromebook light turns on when power button is being pressed and the ChromeOS does not load then this is probably due to broken hard disk. If you have the warranty for the product, then it would be best to contact support and ask them to replace the hard disk.

Problem 4 – Corrupted Operating system

When you try to switch on the Chromebook using the power button the LED might blink but the ChromeOS won’t load. Or else even if the OS loads, then it might keep on rebooting itself and error “Operating System Not Found” might be shown. So this problem is really is a simple one all you need to do is install a new ChromeOS on your Chromebook and it will start working fine.


Once you have implemented all the above methods it is sure that you will be able to solve the problem that Chromebook won’t turn on. In worst case scenario if the product does not switch on even after trying these methods, then you can contact customer support to return/exchange or repair the laptop properly.

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