Download Bluff My Call App For Android OS 2018

Bluff My Call App: Whether you are a doctor or a prankster we all find bluff calling quite enjoyable and such pranks with friends is great. Well in order to make bluff calls from Android phone we would need some app like Bluff My Call. This is a free calling app for Android that lets you fake your caller id along with your voice which is great. In this sense you will be able to call your friends from an unknown number along with a different voice which might startle them anytime.

Bluff My Call app for Android along with voice changing also offers recording options which help us to freely record and secure our pranks calls with just one click. You can always keep track of the calls placed using the “Call Logs” where we can have track of all the calls and accordingly extract the recorded calls as well. This app also allows you to share the call recordings with your friends with just a simple click through social media.

Download Bluff My Call App For Android OS 2017

How to use Bluff My Call app on Android OS

Well let us assume that you have installed the Bluff my call app on your Android device then you might want to learn how to use it effectively. Now open the app from menu and then on the app homepage we can find two number options where we have to enter Number to call and Fake Caller ID as well. After that under the “Voice Changer” option you can select either to use “Men” or “Women” voice as per your preference.

You also get to select whether to record the call if not, then simply click on “Agree to terms” option and select “Use Wifi” option so that the app uses Wifi to make calls. Then click on “Place Call” button then the app will call to the number you have entered in the first box.

Well the Wifi calling options is quite useful when you don’t want to use phone calling which is not a big topic to worry about. Once the call is placed, it will show as “connected” on the top right corner and if you want to hang up the call, just click on “Red Button” and the call will be hung up.

This is how you can make pranks calls with your friends and family using the Bluff my call app and I guess you can do it for yourself now as well. But make sure you don’t make your friends too much trouble and always play by the rules as per the terms of service of the app.

How to download Bluff My Call App for Android OS

Now I guess you seem to be quite ready to start using Bluff My Call app on your Android device, but before you do so you need to install the app first. I will be going to show you how to install the Bluff My Call app from Google Play store.

  • First go to the Google Play store app and then search for “Bluff My Call”
  • Then select the app and click on install button which will download the app first
  • Once the download is finished, it will automatically begin to install
  • We will now have Bluff my call app installed on your Android phone!


Once you have installed Bluff My Call app you can now go on to make prank calls with your friends, record those calls and share with others as well. This is a great app to make your time slack off perfectly and at the end of the day it is greatly enjoyable.

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