Download BHKik Apk For Android OS 2018

BHKik App Download: Using dual WhatsApp on a single Android device has become so common but have you though how can you use dual Kik on Android? Well if you are worrying on that topic, then rest assured because we have found an awesome app to do the job for you. We are talking about BHKik messenger which can be considered a replica of official Kik messenger in every aspect.

Now if you are wondering that this new app would be any different, and then let me tell you that BHKik is the same app as Kik messenger. It has the same messaging platform, user interface and even the Android version as well.

Well this app is completely simple to understand, because we already have the first Kik official app installed on our device. But after installing the BHKik messenger will have an additional Kik messenger that we can login like we regularly do. In this way you can start using second Kik account on your Android device without any rooting process as well.

Yes you’ve heard me right we do not have to root our Android device for this app, because it works without root which is really a good thing. Most of the Android apps similar to this require root which becomes quite a problem for handy users like you and me.

Download BHKik Apk For Android OS 2017

BHKik App Requirements and more

There are some requirements that must be filled before installing the BHKik messenger app on your Android device. It is so because if you do install the second version before then the app might not work properly and issue might be faced by the user. So, it is best to follow the only few requirements for this app to work and the primary one is that we have to install Kik official messenger at first.

So it means that you will have to install the official Kik mobile messenger before you even install the BHKik, because the second versions use some of the official messenger’s files and data. Next thing is that BH Kik can only be installed on Android V 4.0+ which might not be any problem.

It is to be noted that even though BH kik has both old and new version, only one of the versions can be installed. If you install both at the same time then one of the apps might go awry or else even both of them might go wrong. Well it just like the Kik messenger but comes with more benefits and features that will surely get you running.

Download BHKik Apk For Android OS 2018– Install Dual Kik On Android

So now are you bored of using the same old single Kik account on your Android device, well it’s time for you to know how to download BHKik for Android.

Download BHKik Apk For Android OS 2018
  • So here is the link on XDA form for BH Kik webpage
  • Then browse down and find “BH Kik UPDATES” section
  • After that select any of the version and save the apk file
  • Then run the apk file and let the installation begin
  • Now we have installed BH Kik messenger on our Android device!


So go on and install the BHKik messenger on your Android device and use dual Kik messenger on a single Android device easily. Well you will find BH Kik to be different but when you start using it you will find it much more similar to Kik messenger.

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