Download Facebook Lite App For Android OS 2017

Facebook Lite App Download: Social networking apps have been trending over a decade now and believe me apps like Facebook and Snapchat will never die. But any social networking app uses data connection but to get rid of this problem, Facebook released an app other than Messenger for Android. Well I am talking about Facebook Lite app which was released after the Messenger, so as to cut down the usage of data effectively.

Since this app works even on a 2G connection, it will work on any network without any problem. As it has a simple and light UI design, it loads quickly even on a low data connection. Amazing part about this app is that it works on mostly every Android device and it works on Java phones as well.

Don’t you find this cool, because most of the apps now are not much compatible with other devices other than the newly released ones. But this is not true in case of Facebook Lite which comes with a light user interface and this means that this app will use less Internet data package when compared to the Messenger. In this world of pocketing data packages, having a app that can cut down those bills effectively is really nice and this job is done by Facebook Lite perfectly.

Download Facebook Lite App For Android OS 2017

Why to download Facebook Lite App but not Messenger

If you are asking me why someone would choose Facebook Lite over Messenger, it is so because this app is small in size which makes it easy to download in the first place. When compared to Messenger and the online browser, the Lite app uses very less mobile data that helps a lot in saving data effectively.  People think that if they own a 2G or 3G network, then using Facebook would be hard, but not now because we can Facebook Lite even on a 2G network as well.

But if you are wondering will this app be having some fewer features when compared to Messenger app. Then you don’t have to worry because Lite and Messenger are one and the same, but Lite has simple interface which can load quickly and uses less data. Other than having a light UI design that makes use of less data, both the app have the same features. In short the reason why someone would like to download Facebook Lite is to use Facebook to interact with friends even with a low Internet data connection.

How to Download Facebook Lite Apk For Android OS

Facebook Lite is one tremendous way of communicating with friends and family by saving huge on data and Internet package. As you already know this app has been released for both Android and IOS platform, we will be learning how to download it for Android in this post.

Since you already have an idea on how to download apps from Google play store, you can click here to visit the Facebook Lite download page. After that simply click install and wait for the app to be installed, then you will be able to use the app easily.

Download Facebook Lite App For Android OS 2017


Facebook Lite app lets you chat with friends and communicate with them similar to Messenger, while you can save data effectively. This app is very simple to use, comes with a simpler UI and more importantly it can be installed easily.

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