Download Imgur Album Online 2017

Download Imgur Album: Image sharing networks like Imgur are very popular and we can find millions of images related to want we want. And some of you might have an account on Imgur too, and you might have shared few images too. Well Imgur is basically an image sharing network to save images on cloud, so that they are secure online. The real means to use this service is to make backup of images on could of Imgur network.

Users can register their account for free on Imgur image sharing network and it is one of the best online image sharing network. It can be used for free and the best part is we can browser different images and pictures shared by other users as well. It is up to user whether or not to share their images to public, so any other users could save or download them.

Download Imgur Album Online 2017

Imgur users can download both images and album but most of the times we just need an image to be downloaded. And this could be easy for most of us and every one of us knows how to save image on Imgur website. But sometimes we might end up liking some album and downloading them would be a nice option. So, then I thought it would be a fine thing to write a guide on how you can download and save the Imgur album and pictures easily.

How to save an Image from Imgur

If you already know how to save an image from Imgur image sharing network, then you can skip the below part and continue on to the next one. So the below process is to save an image from Imgur website which most of you know, but still you can read how to do it:

  • Go to the image you want to save
  • Then at the bottom of the page, click on “Save Image” option

This will save any particular image you want to download

How To Download Imgur Album Image Sharing Network

Well coming on to the main part of our guide, this is to find out how to download albums directly from Imgur.  So, as we all know users can download albums easily by clicking on “Download entire album” button. But this might seems new to you but worry not because I have posted a step by step guide for you to understand.

  • So first you have to log in to your Imgur album a
  • Then go to the image or album you want to download
  • After that click on “Post options” which is at the page bottom
  • Now click on download album, button and save the album in zip file
  • Simply unzip the album and then use the image album as you like!

Well this is the simplest way to download Imgur albums but you can even make use of image downloading apps like Jdownloader 2 or more.


Now you can easily save and download Imgur Albums anytime you like and it can be done within little time. This guide will surely help you understand and learn to download albums on Imgur image sharing network.

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