Solve “Snapchat Videos Won’t Play” Error

Snapchat Videos Won’t Play: Snapchat app has become very famous and with millions of users sharing stories, videos every day makes it more than interesting. I first thought WhatsApp and FaceBook are on the top of top apps, but when I came to know of Snapchat I was surely amazed by the concept and even the design too.

So today we are talking about one of the error that every Snapchat user might face in their everyday use. Whenever you try to stream or play a Snapchat video, it won’t play and this causes lot of trouble to the users. Some users have even reported that even though Data is connected, the video streaming is cancelled and takes a toll on them. I simply thought this error could have been caused due to low Internet Connection, but the major issue has been that the app needs to be updated.

Even the Data connection is important along with new version of Snapchat app running right along with it. So, in the below guide I will explain in detail about solving this problem and how to overcome it easily.

Solve “Snapchat Videos Won’t Play” Error

Recently we have posted a guide regarding Snapchat Won’t open, which is a very similar guide to this but both the problems are different.

How to Solve the Error “Snapchat Videos Won’t Play” 2017

I am sure you will be too puzzled by this error and I was too annoyed that most of the times Snapchat Videos won’t play, but later I use the below methods to get rid of this error. So simply follow the below steps and you will find no buffering or video problem in future.

Believe me this error is a simple thing to fix and you won’t even need high technical skills to perform the below tasks.

Make Sure Data Is Enabled – Snapchat Videos Won’t Play Error Solution

Snapchat app makes use of Data or Wi-Fi connection to run and provide instant results, and more. So, it is important for the app to have Data enabled to perform and work properly. And if not then you might not be able to load any Snapchat stories and even streaming videos won’t be possible.

In order to let Snapchat play videos, we need to make sure Data or Wi-Fi is enabled throughout the session we make use of the app. Or else if connection is interrupted in between, then the video won’t play as well.

Update Your App

Yes this problem might be a major issue and you might start facing little use like “Snapchat Videos Won’t Play” in the beginning. And later due to the old version we might find it even harder to use the app, because it might turn unresponsive at times.

In order to save your app, you simply have to update it from Google Play Store directly. Once you have updated your app, login back to your Snapchat app and start playing Snapchat videos like always.


After following this guide you will now be able to play different videos on Snapchat easily and even watch Snapchat stories without any problem. Well in case if this error continues and Snapchat videos won’t play in future then let me know the problem in below comments.

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