Download YGOPRO 2 For Windows 10/7/8

YGOPRO Download: Yu Gi Oh is one of the most popular card games in the world and believe me this name has got too many anime series under the name. So if you are a fan of Yu Gi Oh then you might already know that this game is all about dueling with other players. YGOPRO is a popular YU Gi Oh card dueling online game that can be downloaded for Windows and Mac platform. Well this game is pretty much the card game with pretty neat graphics, with awesome card effects that comes into the play when you play different cards. Now In this guide we will be going to review this game a little while we will also feature the process to download YGOPRO.

The game gives you the same essence of playing a virtual reality card game on your Windows screen with players online. You can have different features on the screen such as life points that show the points of each player and if it goes to zero, then you might lose the game. This game is perfect even for hardcore or beginner level type of duelist who want to win every card fight they take on.

Download YGOPRO 2 For Windows 10/7/8

YGOPRO Game Features 2017

So the concept behind this game has been pretty amazing that through desktop clients duelist across the globe can take part in tournaments held weekly or monthly. On the other hand the game itself releases cards which are added to the shop or inventory where users can buy them and test them against opponents.

This game has got some nice features out of which being easy to customize makes more sense because we can select our player profile, edit it and add different cards to our deck. Another interesting thing is that this game also has team wars, where we can play against other players in teams. Don’t worry if you think the game graphic might be bad, because in this case the game has got so good graphics and effects that show all the time.

Download YGOPRO For Windows 10/7/8 – Install YGOPRO 2 On Windows

So now if you are interested to start dueling right from your Windows desktop then you can follow the below instructions. It is so because I will be going to show you exactly how you can download YGPRO on windows easily. And the same procedure can be followed to download YGOPRO on Mac OS X as well; we just have to select Mac download option instead of Windows in the third step.

  • Open your Windows computer and then go to from your browser
  • Then click on the Downloads option from menu button
  • Next on the download page we will have two mirrors for each Windows and Mac
  • Select Windows mirror 1 link and then download the exe file on your Windows desktop
  • After that go to the downloads folder and then double click on ygopro.exe
  • Once the installation has started, click next and then you need to select installation directory
  • After that the app will be installed and finally we can start it from start menu easily!


Well if you are a Yu Gi Oh fan then it’s time for you to download YGOPRO dueling system which is the best Yu Gi Oh duel software for Windows and Mac platform. This software features Yu Gi Oh dawn of a new era game where gamers like you can take on other duelers in this card game.

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