Download Google Cardboard Apk For Android OS 2017

Google Cardboard Apk: Virtual reality has become a big part of our life and the upcoming technology is surely going to be based on it. We all have seen the VR viewer cardboard by Google which has become the cheapest VR in the world. Well when compared to Oculus Rift, Google cardboard is really cheap and any Android users can afford it. Once you have already got the product, you will require Google cardboard app for Android for IOS platform to enjoy VR mode. In this post we are going to review the Google Cardboard app and find out how to download it for Android Smartphone.

Moreover YouTube also supports VR which means you can use YouTube on your cardboard app which is a good thing. The new Google cardboard app we are discussing is really simple and it is equipped with many amazing features. So, what this app does it create an environment or UI where users can save their videos, apps and different favorite items.

Download Google Cardboard Apk For Android OS 2017

Why to choose Google Cardboard App

Well most of you already know Google Earth, which we can view through the Cardboard VR using the app such that we can guide ourselves to any location. Watch and stream 360 video on the huge screen and embrace how amazing VR really is. Photo sphere is an option where users can view all their pictures captured in a sphere form. At the end of the day when compared to most of the cardboards apps, I prefer Google cardboard app as it serves the best with finest features of all.

Still people might ask is there no better app than Google cardboard? Well there are different VR apps but most of them lack in different features. But this app comes with a pretty neat UI design which helps in better navigation and people find it unique as well. While most of the VR apps in the market are based on single concept such as video playing or just images. But Google cardboard has more than few single features such as we can view 360 videos, images and even use Google earth indeed.

Download Google Cardboard Apk For Android OS 2017

Well the most common way of installing Google cardboard for Android is using the Google Play Store. So, simply we have to go to Play store and then search for “Google keyboard” app, next click on the “Install” button and the app will be installed successfully.

But most of the times we might not find the latest version, so we can make use of Apk Mirror where we can find Google cardboard apk latest version. You can visit the download page from here, now continue to the webpage and save the apk file on your Android device after that double tap over the apk file to begin the installation and wait for it to be done.

So these were the two method through which any Android user can download the Google cardboard from Play store or Apk Mirror easily.


Well installing Google Cardboard apk on Android OS is simple and now you can start using your cardboard to view VR videos and all. The benefit of using this app is we can have all our videos, pictures and VR apps in one place which sure is enjoyable.

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