How To Solve Error 53 On iPhone 7 6S Plus iOS 10.1.1

Fix Error 53: Some iPhone users have complained that when they try to update or restore their IOS device, they often see error in iTunes. During this error, iPhone users cannot connect to iTunes on their iPhone devices and most people fail to understand and solve this error at first.

The error 53 occurs when we try to solve a security test under fingerprint and if it fails, this error prevails. In little means we make use of Error 53 on iPhone in order to check the fingerprint touch ID. But this error 53 was tested on before your device was sent out to sales and customers, that means users should not have this error on their device at first. If this error 53 occur on your iPhone device, then you can read the below guide. In this guide we are going to learn in depth on how we can solve the error 53 on iPhone 7 Plus.

How To Solve Error 53 On iPhone 7 6S Plus

What is Error 53 On iPhone 6S Plus – Can Error 53 be solved on iPhone 5S

Now that was the first time you might have encountered the error, but sometimes it also occurs when you try to update your iPhone. So as you can see when you try to install a new update, we might encounter this error. The error code shown will be error occurred (53), which will not let any iPhone device to further update and it becomes annoying. Well most of us have the latest version of IOS 10 and we try to update to new versions which might be released now and then. But when we try to update iPhone 7 IOS 10, then error 53 might occur and this goes on repeating. Well if you are going through the same problem then you might learn from below how to fix it.

How to fix Error 53 on iPhone 6S Plus 5S IOS 10 – Solve Error 53 On iPhone 7 Plus

Well the error 53 on iPhone Touch ID is a mistake on the Apple part and they seem to have acknowledged. This error has been caused due to the Apple’s hardware and verification process, which was reported by news outlets. So, there seems to be no software update or solution for this error other than replacing your Touch ID fingerprint sensor or the home button as you call.

You can reach to your Apple customer service and ask them to repair, as this error is hardware problem and will be fixed for free if it falls under your insurance. In case if this error is caused due to a crack in home screen button, then it might cost you around $100 to get it repaired.

But still if you are looking to get rid this of error 53 through software point of view, then try installing updates offline. If this works, then you might not need to update or repair your home screen button once again.


As now you have fixed the error 53 on iPhone 6S 7 Plus, you can start updating your iPhone device right away. Well make sure to update your iPhone device regularly when updates are out and errors like this or more might not occur.

Finally thanks for reading this post about the error 53 solutions and share this guide online with your friends and help them too.

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