Finding Your Phone Remotely Using Samsung Dive

Finding Your Phone Remotely Using Samsung Dive: Samsung which is the top manufacturer of Smartphone in the world has got millions of users. As the products of Samsung are popular with the customers due to their affordable rate, good design and unlimited high end features. Beside giving the amazing features, Samsung does have a good hand on its security. If you’re a Samsung Smartphone user then you can secure your device by using the advance method. This methods can be useful if your phone is lost or to track it.

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Finding Your Phone Remotely Using Samsung Dive

Their was a normal method which can be followed by an mobile tracker and getting the SIM to registered mobile number. This method is followed by every user and not particular for Samsung Smartphone. So now we have the advanced version which runs using the Samsung Dive. This Samsung Dive is designed to login using the Samsung account and then track the mobile registered with that account. The best part is you can recover the lost data if you have made regular Backup using the WonderShare MobileGo. Also this advanced version will help you to get the lost mobile or track any Samsung mobile without using any particular app.

How to Locate and Track Lost Samsung Android Phone Using Samsung Dive:

Below is the detailed guide to know how to track or lost Samsung phone using the Samsung Dive. So kindly follow each step clearly to track, locate, lock and wipe your phone remotely. So get your Samsung account ready to proceed with process using Remote Controls in your device enabled.

Finding Your Phone Remotely Using Samsung Dive
  • Firstly you have to enable the Remote Control in your Samsung Android Device
  • Go to Settings then to Location & Security and find My Mobile option
  • Here Check Remote Controls and enable it using your password
  • Once you have enabled the Remote Controls in your device, proceed with below step
  • Now go to and get login with your Samsung account
  • View the options shown on screen and confirm your device before using it

Various options will be available at left of screen to give you a good comfort while wipe, locate or tracking any registered Android Samsung Mobile.

How to Create an Samsung Account:

To proceed with the above said advance tracking method using Samsung Dive you need to have an registered Samsung account. Below are the steps which will guide you to get an account created and also link your Samsung Android Smartphone with it.

Finding Your Phone Remotely Using Samsung Dive
  • Firstly go to to create an Samsung account
  • Here enter your details and continue by checking the Terms & Conditions
  • Now verify the account by using the email address you have entered
  • Then go to Add account from Accounts & Sync which is in Settings
  • In Add Account select Choose Samsung and tap on Sign In button
  • Enter the email address and password to Samsung In with Samsung account
  • Now you have the account added in Add account in your device

Samsung Dive Remote Controls:

Here are the remote controls that can be used by any users who is trying to locate, track, wipe and lock the Samsung Android Smartphone.

Finding Your Phone Remotely Using Samsung Dive
  • Locate My Mobile
  • Lock My Mobile
  • Ring My Mobile
  • Call or Message Forwarding
  • Call Logs
  • Wipe My Mobile
  • Unlock My Screen

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I hope that you have got enough knowledge about how to track or locate any Smartphone mobile using the Samsung Dive. If you have any queries in this article you can ask us in below comment section. Also let us know if you have any further queries or any best possible ways supporting our article. I will be glad if you share this article with others and let them know about this process

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