How To Dim The Screen Using F.lux Automatically

Dim The Screen: In this world of hustle we all tend to work on our laptop and desktop screens for hours together and this puts a strain on the eye. Well sometimes it is hard to look at the screen for hours of work and you tend to take rest which is a good thing. But the best way to prevent your eyes from hurting while looking at the screen is to reduce the screen brightness which means to dim the screen.

Not only for preventing eye damage but also to save battery life you can dim your screen brightness and make sure your device would works for hours to come. Well most of the laptops today comes with screen brightness buttons which can come in handy to change the brightness from dim to high as per you preference. But you might not always be able to change the brightness yourself, being under work pressure and more.

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Best Way to Dim the Screen Automatically

So we have a found an amazing app named flux which is available for free on their official website fl.ux and is one hell of an app to dim the screen.  This software can make your life easier and it really does work great by adjusting the screen brightness and color level according to your location.

It makes your screen to adapt according to the time of the day, and gives different color glow likely. This app helps to work even late nights without feeling a damp of screen harshness, and even when you wake up it adjusts well with the timings. So, the users can easily do his work whenever he uses his windows or MAC screen.

How to Download f.lux For Windows 10/7/8 and MAC OS

So let me show you how to download F.lux or Flux for Windows and MAC at the same time. Well the download and installation steps are same for both the operating platforms.

How to Download Flux For Windows, MAC and Android
  • You can go to flux official website from here
  • On the homepage we can find “Download f.lux” button which you have to click
  • You will now save flux-setup.exe file which is of 485 kb of size
  • Now run the setup file which we have downloaded in the previous step
  • Click on next button, select installation directory and wait for the program to be installed
  • Once the installation is finished, we can finally run Flux app and select our location
  • Such that Flux app will change and adapt the screen brightness/color with the location time

Don’t you think it was quite simple to follow this guide and frankly speaking it will be way easier to handle f.lux app too.

Download f.lux For Android OS 2017

f.lux has been released for Android OS for only rooted devices, which is available on Google Play Store for free of cost. You can download the app from here through Google Play store but make sure to have a rooted device to run this app.

Best Way to Dim the Screen Manually

Every windows laptop or MAC comes with brightness button on their keyboard which can be used in order to dim the screen. These buttons have brightness icons marked on them and when it comes to Windows laptop, we can find two separate buttons to increase and decrease the screen brightness manually.

How To Adjust Brightness Level In Windows 10
  • Or else you can even adjust the brightness level from Control Panel by following the below steps
  • Open your windows laptop and go to control panel
  • From there select settings and select Display under it
  • You can find “Adjust brightness level” where you can increase or decrease the screen brightness as you like
  • Once you have adjusted the screen and made it dim, click on Apply button to save the changes to take place

Well this is how you can dim the screen on Windows laptops and computers with a few clicks and a minute of work.

Thank you for reading this awesome guide which was about Flux app that can dim the screen of any Windows or MAC device automatically. This app is surely going to help to automatically decrease and adjust the screen brightness according to your location. Surely an easy way to dim the screen automatically rather than doing to manually every time.

If you have any more doubt or questions then we are more than happy to answer them, so you can put those questions in comments below.

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