Download Fortnite For PC Windows 10 2018

Fortnite by Epic Games is one of the latest trending game in the market right now and it might even exceed GTA 5 online users as well. So this game is basically a massive online RPG where users are given a character and can modify them, build and collect weapons to be the best out. This game features two mod where the first one is save the world which I never played since it has Co-op matches. But whereas the second game is Battle Royale where 100 players all around the world are sent in the game at the same point and the last one remains will become victorious.

Some people wonder which game is better either Fortnite or PUBG and to me both the games are good. But when it comes to good graphics and animations then I will always vouch for Fortnite because this game is simply outstanding and with better quality it looks supreme. At the same time this game offers you in game purchases which can be used to upgrade your character and skills including new weapons and tools as well.

Download Fortnite For PC Windows 10 2018

Fortnite Game Review with Features

If you ask me why I became a fan of this game then my answer would be because of Twitch live streams where every gamer is playing Fortnite right now. I wasn’t really a fan of RPG based game like PUBG or Fortnite before but after seeing various twitch users like Ninja and other play this game made me download it. But I became super addicted to this game since it was nice to play and the community of this game is increasing which means it will stay around longer than PUBG or GTA 5 online too.

Unlike other online multiplayer games this game creators have made the game available for free which has lured millions of gamers all around the world. I think that this game is absolutely great and the free of cost feature makes it even better since we can directly download this game without any hectic payment process.

How To Download Fortnite For PC Windows 10 From Official Website

So now you might be wondering how hard it might be to download this game but to be precise it is quite easy and you can learn that from below steps. I have listed out the necessary steps which will precisely guide you on how to download Fortnite game for Windows desktop platform.

Download Fortnite For PC Windows 10 2018
  • First we will have to go to the Epic Game Fortnite official webpage from here
  • Then we will have to click on “GET FORTNITE” button which is in yellow color
  • Next click on “Windows” or “MAC” download button and then save the Epic Launcher EXE file
  • After that we have to install the Epic Games Launcher which will have Fortnite tab under the Launcher
  • Then go to the launcher and click on “Install” under Fortnite section and it will now download, install the game
  • It will take around 10-20 minutes for the game to be completely downloaded and then get installed as well
  • Finally the game will be installed and we can launch the game right away and play the game!


I have already added this game as one of my favorite games of all time just because it has such massive game maps and the graphics are wonderful indeed. So I think that you will find this game really interesting to play on your windows device and that is why we have shared this article. I hopefully think that Fortnite for PC guide we have shared above can come in handy for you and let you install this game successfully.

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