Moto G5 Release Date, Price & Specifications – Moto G5 Plus

Moto G5 Release Date: Everyone around us has a top notch Smartphone and it is a required etiquette of our modern world. I guess you already know about the recent MWC 2017 show where tons of new Smartphone were released by popular brands across the globe. And among them is the premium Moto G5 and Moto G5 plus which are going to be robust build devices with better product quality. I used to wonder why all other huge Smartphone brands offer their flagship devices for such a high cost.

But when you look at the price of Moto G5 and Plus versions these two devices are top flagship devices that comes at the price of non flagship indeed. And certainly the low price on Moto G series Smartphone is nothing special, because the same has been for the past few years. Even the Moto G4 and Moto G4 plus Smartphone where offered at reasonable cost less than $200.

What we can certainly tell from these two Smartphone is that Motorola is strictly set on to the path to provide better products at reasonable cost. This year’s Moto G5 is going to be released in two different 2GB and 3GB variants and the price difference between both is little under $20. Assuming the Smartphone world is quickly building up with superior products, likewise Moto is offering fingerprint sensor control, rapid charging and metal body.

Moto G5 Release Date, Price & Specifications – Moto G5 Plus

Moto G5 Plus Features, Design, Camera and Specifications

The best way to catch a buyer eye is by providing better body and that’s what Motorola has done this year. The previous year’s Moto G4 had a plastic body where as Moto G5 comes in an aluminum body. The main purpose of providing better build quality is to give users premium quality service that most of the expensive phones do. The screen display is 5 inches which covers the most part of the phone body but still there’s some space left on top and bottom.

The screen size of 5 inch is perfectly enough for smooth user navigation and guess what it comes with the latest Android OS version. Yes, you’ve heard me right the Moto G5 has Android 7.0 Nougat so we find ourselves the latest software in the market as well. The screen pixels are of 441ppi which seems enough and the screen resolution are around 1920*1080 only.

Moto G5 Hardware and Specifications

The phone design and screen size are all good but what makes it a fine products is the range of hardware and the under the hood specifications. Well for a cost of $220 we have Moto G5 with Snapdragon 430 running at 1.4GHz on an Octa-Core processor and 450 MHz Adreno 505 GPU. As I already said we can have either 2GB or 3GB RAM variant which does not affect the product cost more than $20 hardly. The Moto G5 storage comes with an internal capacity of 16GB and 128GB expendable SD card which are similar to that of Moto G4.

The phone rear camera is around 13MP and comes with LED flash, while the front camera is 5MP. Well it can capture photos instantly and makes it worth price with such good focusing options all around. The battery is 2800mAh which works great all day long and rapid charging using Micro-USB is an effective option to charge the phone quickly.


There is huge competition between Android Smartphone in the mid price range and Moto G5 is another great competitor in the market. I find Moto G5 and Moto G5 plus to be an inexpensive product with great features such as fingerprint sensor, better build quality and many more.

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