How to Solve “This Webpage Has A Redirect Loop” Error 2017

Solve This Webpage Has A Redirect Loop: We browse over the Internet for last longing hours on browsers like Chrome and Mozilla. But sometimes you might come across errors such as “this webpage has redirect loop”, which can also be read as “Error 310” which means there are too many redirects to continue loading.

If we consider from the viewpoint of a website webmaster, sometimes it becomes necessary to redirect a website URL to another URL. But when a webmaster tries to redirect 2 or more URLS from a single domain, then website does not load quickly at times. In this article today we will be going to solve this webpage has a redirect loop problem in depth. But before that we have to learn about webpage redirection and why is it redirected.

How to Solve “This Webpage Has A Redirect Loop” Error 2017

Website or Webpage Redirection?

Webmaster who own a domain convert it into a website by developing it into content based one for users to view and utilize. But whenever the website is down or has been rejected due to some issues by Google, webmasters tend to redirect the old website URL to a new Domain URL. This redirection can be done through various processes, most common one is 301redirection and this is called as website or webpage redirection.

This error can be shown as “Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): there were too many redirects”, on web browsers commonly. Since a webmaster has got rid of the old domain, now if you visit the old URL, then it will be redirected to new ULR but it might take some time to load or progress. Most of the times there is no problem at the webmaster’s end because redirection is perfect most of the times. The only problem could be that you might have old cookies saved which might not let the new URL load at times.

How to Solve “This Webpage Has A Redirect Loop” Error On Browsers

As we already have discussed due to improper website redirection and double redirection of webpage, errors such as “This webpage has a redirect loop” occurs and error 301 occurs. Well you can read the below method in order to get rid of this problem forever.

 Delete Cookies – To Solve “This Webpage Has A Redirect Loop”

If you were wondering there was another hard method to stop this error, and then let me say that this process is quite simple. All you have to do is that delete your web browser cookies through menu and the error will be solved easily.

How to Solve “This Webpage Has A Redirect Loop” Error 2017
  • So first you have to open your web browser
  • Then go to the menu section, click on three lines button at the top right corner
  • After that a drop down menu will appear, next you can select and click on settings option
  • Then browse down and select cookies section, and click on “clear browsing data” option
  • Finally click again on “Clear Browsing Data” option to continue
  • Now you can close your browser and the problem will be solved quickly!


After reading this article you will have a clear idea as to why a webpage does not redirect well and errors like “this webpage has a redirect loop” occurs. Next time when you come across such a problem you will be able to solve it and browse through the website without any problem.

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