Best Lava Hound Deck For Clash Royale 2017

Best Lava Hound Deck For Clash Royale: If you are a regular Clash Royale player then you might know that Lava Hound is one of the strongest cards in the game. To be frank as a fellow Clash Royale player I have been using Lava Hound as one of the most reliable cards throughout the season. If you ask me why, then Lava Hound has got more life points so it won’t die easily and with a backup or push support you can defeat enemy base easily.

Lava Hound is a legendary card which can be found over Arena 5, and it is one of the strongest Legendary cards in the game. The best thing about this card is that it is strong, it can take huge damage but when it does it gives 6 minion lava hounds. So this card is known for doing double damage, while flying so it means that most of the ground troops cannot hit it. But it is not hard or difficult to get rid of a Lava Hound only if you are able to use Arrow when the Lava Hound then further damage can be stopped.

So in this post we are going to explain about some of the best Lava Hound decks that can be used to win against anyone. I will be sharing few of the examples and working Lava Hound deck examples from Arena 7, so that you will be able to learn from this and make your own deck.

Best Lava Hound Deck For Clash Royale 2017

LavaLoop – The Best Lava Hound Deck With Balloon

Let us begin with the first deck which includes Lava Hound and Balloon together, and this is the reason why it’s called LavaLoop. As you already know that Lava Hound uses 7 Elixr, while the Balloon uses 5 Elixr that means you have to deploy Lava Hound first, along with a support troop after sometime.

Obviously this technique might be new to you, because this is quite formidable as we release the Hound first, all enemy troops are lured against the Hound and start attacking it. Now if you have the Ballon on hand it will be great but if not, then use either a Baby Dragon or Witch to give backup support for Hound on the enemy grounds.

Time To Release Balloon – 5 Elixr

So now the times comes to release the Balloon because enemy troops are firing against Hound, this time you can release the Balloon on either side of the castle. If you are wondering why not release it alongside the Hound, then the balloon might get caught up in the enemy fire. Though it might reach the castle tower it might not do enough damage, but if release on the opposite side. There are high chances that the enemy has already used enough Elixr to battle against Hound and support troop. So the Balloon released can do almost 3 hits if it is not interrupted, but even if the enemy takes it down.

We will have at least damaged half of the tower life points by the time, and in this way you have reduced both the enemy towers to half of their points. So we will have at least 1 to 1.3 minutes, so we can use the same process again.

Supporting Troops To Help Lava Hound

Now that you have learned how effective can be to use Lava Hound along with Balloon, but we require supporting troops as well. If you have first launched the Lava Hound, then make sure it reaches the Bridge and after that release you’re supporting troop at the tower. The enemy troop released will fire against your Hound, while your supporting troop can hit them easily.

I prefer using Baby Dragon, Witch and Wizard as the supporting troop because they can attack both ground and sky troops easily. At the same time using Baby Dragon can be effective, as most of the ground troop can’t reach it in the skies.

Well this was the best Lava Hound deck with Balloon, which is called as LavaLoon that can bring huge wins for you. I hope you have learned some more information, tactics to use alongside your Lava Hound.

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