Best Sites Like Craigslist 2018 – Websites Like Craigslist Online

Sites like Craigslist 20178: Oh don’t tell me you’ve never heard about Craigslist classified, well if you don’t know then you might call it the best classified network online. Well there could be many sites that allow its users to sell but Craigslist is different and actually better as well. This site allows its users to not only sell, buy but do more than just normal posting. You can even sell houses; find people who can do anything for some bucks and some great resources as well.

I guess by now you actually have an idea on how awesome this site really is and there are millions of people who post their ads on it. Well Craigslist is the best but when it comes to modern usage, we might want alternatives for everything. It does not mean that Craigslist is old or something but if you are a posting a classified. Then don’t you think it might be a good to post the same classified not only on this site but also on sites like craigslist as well.

So in this post we will be going to discuss some of the sites like Craigslist and go through a quick but an in depth review of all these alternatives.

Best Sites Like Craigslist 2017 – Websites Like Craigslist Online

Best Websites like Craigslist 2018

Let us now continue on to the review of the best websites like craigslist personals to sell and buy stuff online easily. Well as a matter of fact all the online sites that allow their users to sell and buy, requires registration.


The name might sound odd and new to you but Oodle is one of the finest alternatives to craigslist site and is used by millions of daily users. The cost of registration is free which makes sense and the site interface looks more like a social network with more conversions all the way. As the site is designed to make the classifieds stand out on the homepage through categories, users can quickly find what they ought to buy or sell as well.

Another good part is that we can find people and their ads by nearby location which helps to find quick buys every single time. This site has different categories similar to craigslist which include merchandise, vehicles, rentals, real estate and many more.



Close5 is known as the craigslist mobile competitor which is a worthy title because this classified app has grown quite enormously. It was first known was the eBay classified but not Close5 is more of an app where users can find housing for sale, jobs, pets, home, garden and more. Their app has been released for Android and IOS platform which gives users a batter chance to explore and sell their goods easily.

Though this network shares the motto sell locally, but it does not mean that we can only sell at one location but not to other. We are allowed to select locations, through which we can find local buyers and sellers at the same time. You might have been thinking that their website might not be so good, but even their online site is good enough to sell and buy.



GumTree might be a popular classified site in UK region but it also have good amount of community from different regions of Austrlia, USA and South Africa as well. It is a good place to sell not only goods or little services but a fine place to advertise your business, service and a lot more. They have also got their Android and IOS app which helps users to sell and buy right from their Smartphone.

There are some of the important categories that GumTree community is specialized in and they are motors, for sale, property, jobs, services and community stuff. Well these sorts of categories are well enough even for a buyer who is looking for good stuff to buy online. At the end of the day GumTree has a peaceful community of both sellers and buyers who get along very well.



Craigslist network is still the best site to post classified to sell and buy stuff online, but it is a good option to find some sites like Craigslist. Make sure you read all the list of sites we have mentioned because these sites are pretty much the same and works like charm indeed. If you like to add any other name to this list of sites, then let us know the name in the comments section below.

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